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wireless calculator

802.11 wireless multifunction calculator
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Imagine having a calculator that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, differentate, intergrate, chat, instant message, web browse, telephone, and listen to mp3's ???

Imaging if the teacher had the abality to give the lecture images in computer format to the students calculators? no need for chalkboard, whiteboard, or overhead projector.. Perhaps the test would be issued over the network to the calculator it's self??? Imagine if some kids hacked the smart-calc.. how easy would it be to cheat on test?

gopher, Oct 21 2006


       Having a calculator that could chat and listen to mp3s would be pretty cool, though. (Would they all be into math rock, or what?)   

       Hey, calculator?
>> H3Y
My goldfish died.
>> AWW.
>> P00R F15H.
>> 1-(x-3)^2, x=1.5..4.5
But we're getting a kitten!
>> YAY.
>> (x-3)^2, x=1.5..4.5
jutta, Oct 21 2006

       Laptop anybody?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 24 2006

       I was hoping this would be a regular calculator with a wireless connection to a computer. Use it to store your calculations.
Worldgineer, Oct 24 2006

       Its been many, many years since my calculator had a cord!
MoreCowbell, Oct 25 2006


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