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Pastrie - A parody on Eulalie.

And yes, I can spell 'pastry' correctly.
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I baked alone
Amidst ideas overgrown,
And my mind was a throbbing ache,
'Till the great and wondrous thought I did bake--
'Till the croissant-adorned idea I did bake.

Ah, less--less innovative
Any other perogative
Than the structure of the simple idea!
And never a thought
That ever was wrought
In the mind of a baker before,
Can compete with the thing that my brain now stores--
Can contend with this idea my brain now stores.

Now po--now bliss
Both have me dismissed
For to my annotations they will not reply,
And all my time
I cry and whine
While ever to my idea I always think--
For though I did like it, it turned out to stink.

Pseudonym #3, Mar 30 2002

Eulalie http://www.geocitie...r/4220/eulalie.html
The original poem, by Edgar Allen Poe. Sorry, Ed! [Pseudonym #3, Mar 30 2002, last modified Mar 31 2002]

Whinge http://www.m-w.com/...n/dictionary?whinge
12th century, according to Merriam-Webster. [bookworm, Mar 30 2002]


       PseuD. I really think the song sub-category is sufficient. will you stop whinging now.
po, Mar 30 2002


       I officially nominate this as a new word.   

       As for whining, I shall only stop once everyone acknowledges my true godliness.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 30 2002

       It's been a word for quite some time now.
bookworm, Mar 30 2002

       we prefer bakers with feet of clay.
po, Mar 30 2002

       Ah, forgive my limited vocabulary.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 30 2002

       little charmer, will go far!
po, Mar 30 2002

       Alas, my lack of knowledge about the actual poem has betrayed me. But thanks for telling me that, and saving me from any further show of idiocy.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 31 2002


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