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Please Don't Feed The Troll

Well everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?
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T'was a night like any other,
In late January,
I was bored of work,
So went to the 'Bak'ry.

An idea did I spy,
By the name "Animal Stunt".
The troll had been released,
So I had to be blunt.

I re-read the idea,
And all annotations,
The troll who'd posted
Thought he deserved congratulations

I picked holes in his theories,
And dropped a fishbone on his head.
"What an idiot!" He cried,
"He left out a 'squared'".

Other 'bakers joined in,
Deriding this Animal Stunt.
As [NeverDie] said,
"GTR's a sick *@#!".

A few days later,
Back came the troll,
With an "idea" entitled,
"Mandatory Reason To Vote No".

So incensed was he,
That genius he thought himself to be,
Had been proved fallacious,
By the Halfbakery.

And the fishbones still came,
As [StarChaser] told him,
"Please stop whinging,
Your ideas are dumb".

But worst of all,
A truly bad idea,
Was the one entitled,

The troll spake up,
"Of course it does,
How else can cops tell when we're pissed?".

So take this advice,
Heed these words,
Or soon you may be taken,
By the trollster's curse.

When all's said and done,
This should be your goal,
When you see [m-f-d],
Please don't feed the troll.

CoolerKing, Feb 04 2002


       I guess it's a "taste of your own medicine" kind of thing.   

       I'll stop it now. Unless of course GTT and others of his ilk continue to get on my nerves.
CoolerKing, Feb 04 2002

       Very good. And nearly restrained.
goff, Feb 04 2002

       Let me once again add my encouragement to any would-be troll basher's efforts at self-restraint. After all, discretion really is ...uh... well, I forget just now, but I know it's something good.
beauxeault, Feb 04 2002

       beauxeault knows what discretion is, but he ain't telling.
pottedstu, Feb 04 2002

       You realise this is kind of a personal attack... like the one he tried to avoid by not putting anything on his proffile so we couldn't mock him... and then we claimed we would only mock his ideas... or am I missing something? (sense of humour?, grammer?)
RobertKidney, Feb 04 2002

       Mandatory GTR> rubbish , what a waste of time , have you nothing better to do? <Post
thumbwax, Feb 05 2002

       I've never used 'whinging' in my life...<Actually, until a month or so ago, I thought it was a common misslepping, kind of like 'welp'...> I guess it could be called poetic license, though, so a croissant anyway...
StarChaser, Feb 05 2002

       I haven't visited for about two weeks, but it does the heart good to see my words going to such a worthy cause!
NeverDie, Feb 16 2002

       <-rant?-> I just went through all of GTR's ideas, and as bad as I might find some of them, I don't think it's a good idea to insult him just because his ideas are bad.   

       For one, and (perhaps) I am the only one, I feel sympathetic or even empathetic with him. I have been ridiculed more than once in my life for a bad idea that I've come up with. It's not a fun feeling. Although I freely admit that flaming truly horrendous ideas that are posted for the sole purpose of being rude is not a problem, I would not flame ideas or their creators simply because they were disfunctional. Perhaps this person is just misguided.   

       Also, if somebody is willing to fight or argue, that's one thing. But if someone is purposely trying to avoid such confrontation, (i.e. keeping an empty profile) - even if it be over the internet - there is no reason to provoke that person. Insulting them through prose is not, I think, the way to go about things.   

       Fishbone his/her ideas if they are bad, that is a given. But rather than being mean and looking down upon the person, perhaps try to help them or give them advice.   

       I assure you, whatever compassion I have doesn't surface far too often, so this is somewhat of a rarity. :)   

       Just my take on it, anyway.   

Pseudonym #3, Mar 26 2002


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