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Public notification that Facebook can use my name, location, etc. to compile community transmission data.
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Facebook makes a big deal out of temporary pages to aggregate account holders' notification that they've somehow been spared of a natural disaster. We can opt in to allow the FB to compile our relevant contact and associates data to notify our friends and the world at large.

In the spirit of public health and disease prevention, the site's directors could create a facility to allow us to opt in for a short biopic of our recent locations (maybe since 01/01/2020) to show how many degrees of separation there are between, say, me and reported cases of Covid- 19.

The matcher can use my name, location, etc. to compile community transmission information. A user can also ask for notifications, such as "You've moved from a low risk to a medium risk group of friends" or "A friend of a friend has checked into quarantine"

<lol> I like using the term "a friend of a friend" </lol>

reensure, Mar 02 2020


       May as well find a positive use for it. Other than cat memes of course.
blissmiss, Mar 02 2020


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