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The gadget to end all gadgets: a Wii controller / LED flashlight / cell phone / internet terminal / PDA / MP3 player / Podcast viewer / pager / portable wireless mouse / GPS / laser pointer / television remote / digital camera / USB flash memory stick / calculator / pedometer / digital voice recorder / vibrator / garage door opener.
nuclear hobo, Sep 13 2007


       I'm not buying it unless it has one of those things for removing hooves from stoned horses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2007

       The calculator broke on mine, so I got a new one. Now I have two Wii controllers, two flashlights, two cell phones, two internet terminals, two PDAs, two MP3 players, two podcast viewers, two pagers, two portable wireless mice, two GPSs, two laser pointers, two television remotes, two digital cameras, two USB flash memory sticks, two pedometers, two digital voice recorders, two vibrators, two garage door openers, and a calculator.
globaltourniquet, Sep 13 2007

       But you still need a separate engraver? Ludicrously under-featured.
Texticle, Sep 13 2007

       No barometer. Pity.
theleopard, Sep 13 2007

       needs more bees and jam, mate. + (if it'll end this spate of wii-ners)
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       Through in a curvimeter and I'm buying!
xipetotec, Sep 13 2007

       [k_sra] - the acronym you're looking for is NEJAB. By the way, apologies for posting *yet* another wii-ner.
jtp, Sep 14 2007

       This should be in the category computer:game:wii don't you think?
zeno, Sep 14 2007

       The Owner's Manual is 1647 pages, delivered as a PDF to save paper.
nuclear hobo, Sep 14 2007

       Blowholes you mean.
zeno, Sep 14 2007

       We've already got those.
nuclear hobo, Sep 14 2007

       Wondering if we should have a kitchen sink marked-for-deletion category? (Though "I want it to do everything" sounds like a wibni or magic.)
DrCurry, Sep 14 2007

       A Swiiss Army knife?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 14 2007

       //Through in a curvimeter and I'm buying//   

       It'd be nice to be able to snidely pun this to show the spelling problem, but nothing makes very good amusing sense. Here, however, are some possibilities, each of which falls a bit short.   

       - Should that be "Through *with* a curvimeter"?   

       - Do you mean "Through a curvimeter"?   

       - What exactly are you through doing in the curvimeter?   

globaltourniquet, Sep 14 2007

       What, no radio? Weak.
croissantz, Sep 14 2007

       Add duct tape to the end of your list and it's fully baked and ready to go.
Giblet, Sep 15 2007

       I've got one of these; it also has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.
david_scothern, Sep 15 2007

       Oh, the Wiirony!
nuclear hobo, Sep 15 2007

       Wii don't like it.
xandram, Sep 16 2007

       A bit complicated. Who in God's world is going to buy something that is so chunky, you can't even fit it in your hand. It would be kind of uncomfortable when your swinging it and it feels like your holding a brick.
Thomasunde, Feb 21 2008

       So you take my phone and add a laser pointer (not a bad idea), a garage door opener (doable, but better to add I all the rest of my keys or add a phone activated switch for the door, of an RFID sensor on the door, doable), and a Wii remote (don't know why, but probably doable if I knew the radio freq).   

       LED flashlight - camera flash cell phone/internet terminal/PDA/MP3 player/Podcast viewer/pager/digital camera/calculator/digital voice recorder GPS - pedometer = once you have GPS, the pedometer is just software vibrator - waterproof case + some software to keep the vibrating alarm going garage door opener - See "Bluetooth key for locks" USB flash memory stick - need a little software television remote - Software   

       Phones are crazy these days. You could actually make this and it would be only the size of a phone with a oversized battery.   

       So who needs to carry a Wii remote?   

       I know this was done as a joke, but being the geek I am, I realized the list is almost already covered by the thing I was reading at the moment. Wait, I missed the portable wireless mouse, hmmm, it already has bluetooth, need to add the sensor from a mouse, or just strap a MoGo mouse to bottom.
MisterQED, Feb 21 2008

       Wii, Wii, for gods sake Wii?
WcW, Feb 21 2008

       Was going to post the idea for Bluetooth keys for locks and for opening the garage door with your phone, but it is already baked, so we are down to my phone, a MoGo mouse, a laser pointer and a Wii remote.
MisterQED, Feb 24 2008

       I had no idea that was baked. What about a system that turns your phone into a high security smartkey for your car? Unlocked with settings and seat adjusted before you touch the door handle.
WcW, Feb 24 2008

       I didn't find it for the car, but it can'tt be too far away as many cars have Bluetooth already.
MisterQED, Feb 24 2008

       I was going to bun the daylight out of that idea.
WcW, Feb 24 2008


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