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Über Tandem

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When you want to cycle home, just order an Über Tandem. It works in exactly the same way as an Über Taxi, but instead of a car, a nice tandem arrives, complete with an expert cyclist carrying a spare helmet.

Obviously the service will only find favour amongst enthusiastic cyclists, who don't want to bring their own bikes, helmet etc or be bothered with finding and renting a City Bike, then depositing it again after use.

xenzag, Feb 26 2016

Uber motorcycle http://www.popularm.../ubermoto-thailand/
[theircompetitor, Feb 26 2016]

Uber Tandem baked? http://gadgets.ndtv...in-bengaluru-809332
So much for HB being on the cutting edge of a dull knife. Turns out we're prescient! [Sgt Teacup, Mar 03 2016]

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       Or maybe a dude could just come jogging up and offer me a piggyback ride?   

       That actually would be a fine video series. Sort of like those carriage rides down the street, except this would be a chunky but fit young man with a ginger beard. He could carry people to one particular bar then drop them off at the door.
bungston, Feb 26 2016

       Rickshaws ?   

       Cycle rickshaws ?   

       Sedan chairs ?   

       All Baked and WKTE ...
8th of 7, Feb 26 2016

       // Rickshaws ? Cycle rickshaws ? Sedan chairs ? All Baked and WKTE ... //   

       Not with an app.
notexactly, Feb 27 2016

       For northern climes in these weather-uncertain times, you will want to subtract the bike-built-for-two option and add two-seater four-wheelers*.   

       The modified ÜberTandem app, ÜberATV, will work; we've got coverage (for now).   

       *Skidoos/snowmachines are only good in a certain footage of snow. All the really cool Inuks have an all-weather ATV or quad, usually a Honda.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 27 2016

       Rates are doubled Saturday night in Portlandia.
miggavin, Feb 28 2016


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