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ab belt restraint

muscle contractor
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Police could restrain people with a more powerful version of those ab builder belts that are advertised all the time. If the wearer becomes a threat, the police flip a switch and BAM! The wearer doubles himself over with a strong electronicaly induced ab contraction, and is no longer a threat.
mephisto, Jan 06 2002

The Stun Belt http://www.amnesty-...orall/stun/cruelty/
Why can't I seem to find a PRO-Stun Belt site? [Guncrazy, Jan 06 2002]

Buy It Now! http://bodyarmour.s...r.com/16/43.htm?896
...and if you're one of the first 50 purchasers, we'll throw in a free set of thumb screws! [Guncrazy, Jan 06 2002]


       Baked. See links.
Guncrazy, Jan 06 2002

       Oh joy, a device that makes you crap and piss yourself at the press of a button, as well as inflicting extreme pain. I can see the fetish scene going wild over this one.
pottedstu, Jan 06 2002

       Canuck must really stop jumping to his own conclusions about these idea titles. His first thought when reading this one was that of an automobile seat belt combined with one of those electronic muscle stimulator thingies so you could exercise while you drive (or while stuck in traffic).
Canuck, Jan 08 2002


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