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advertise halfbakery

and get more people involved
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Discovering the Halfbakery was a gradual process for me; it kept popping up on google seaches. At first I ignored it, then I took some notice but thought it was just plain silly, and now... well I'm hooked.

I guess others have joined by different routes: suggestion from friends, links from blogs etc...

I've often thought it would be interesting if there was another, more active, form of recruitment: specifically, advertising in publications with a receptive audience (NewScientist is what I had in mind). Ah, the fun we could have designing cryptic yet strangely appealing advertisements.

In this way I think we might be able to 'capture' some fresh latent talent (maybe even the next FarmerJohn). Or at the very least mix it up a bit here.

How to fund this extravagance? With the HB's large and devoted following I'm sure we could accumulate sufficient donations (eg a separate website with PayPal details etc)

Of course this whole scheme requires Jutta's explicit endorsement... OK, so it's probably not going to happen. Anyway, food for thought.

xaviergisz, Jun 22 2006


       OK, but only if applicants pass an entrance exam by solving the whole "i v n i n seeks n e t o" thing completely unassisted.
Canuck, Jun 22 2006

       Aren't we all a little skewed here anyway?
Canuck, Jun 22 2006

       Intravenous noodle-ingesting ninja seeks new enzymes to overuse?
pertinax, Jun 22 2006

       "If you built it, he will come"
xenzag, Jun 22 2006

       No. This place is the land of green ginger - you can only find it when you're not looking for it.
wagster, Jun 22 2006

       Well said [wags] Now, who moved my rock?
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       as Marx said...
neilp, Jun 22 2006

       what [wagster] said...... it happens by magic
xandram, Jun 22 2006

       It’s a site that cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is.
Shz, Jun 22 2006

       ... or google, apparently.
moomintroll, Jun 22 2006

       Yeah, that still puzzles me; Halfbakery ideas showing up in a search. Don't the Google folks have any standards at all?
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006

       i found the bakery after searching for instructions for drilling plexiglass-
tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

       makes you question how many people are on this week after the "automatic pussy wetter"
tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

       None. They are not the kind of audience with a long-enough attention span to remain here for more than 15 seconds after they realise there are no pictures.
methinksnot, Jun 22 2006


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