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amorographic films

hardcore love snuggle fests
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porn type filming but with snuggling, big snuggle orgies. warm couples and nice duvets.
Protector of Mankind, Jan 06 2002

Baked http://pbskids.org/barney/
watch this [mrthingy, Mar 09 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       and chocolate
po, Jan 06 2002

       ...candles and soft music...
phoenix, Jan 06 2002

       I used to have a B+W father once, but he never developed.
mouatj, Jan 06 2002

       <Freud>hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Father image</Freud>
thumbwax, Jan 06 2002

       Where's the spaghetti?
Lucky_Setzer, Jan 07 2002

       Pornography of sentiment: You mean cheap and tawdry, exploitative movies with little plot or character other than that required to validate the gratuitous love-fests and distastefully excessive open displays of affection, and with no real artistic intention - never mind integrity - other than the manipulation of emotions in order for the viewer to achieve some sort of shallow and unanalysed gratification?   

       Baked. Disney.
Guy Fox, Jan 07 2002

       .The Perfect Spoon. --Watch cozy live couples spoon and giggle and have tickle fights on high thread count eqyptian cotton--   

       Not actors. couples. honeymooners or puppy love or like old couples getting eachother water. maybe some out of bed shots of a couple cooking togther, kisses placed softly on the back of the neck as they pass. "Baby Im trying to cook here (tickling ensues)".
Protector of Mankind, Jan 07 2002

       "...and then she wanted to play hide the sausage..."
StarChaser, Jan 07 2002

       Sounds like the Lifetime network.
quarterbaker, Jan 07 2002

       Thank you, quarterbaker ... indeed it does.   

       All that's missing now is the home-invasion burglars storming in on the snuggling couple, tying up the hapless male and threatening the brave female in a lewd manner for two solid hours, while the twinset-clad neighbors congregate outside the home of the snuggling couple, looking worried and shooing their well-behaved kids Out Of Harm's Way.   

       (This movie-of-the-week synopsis was brought to you by Lysol, which reminds you: if your toilet does not smell like a fresh-cut bunch of spring flowers at all times, you are a worthless toad.)
1percent, Jan 08 2002

       one-per, you're killing me. Wait until I get home, we can try some of these ideas. Well, not the //tying up the hapless male// bit, but maybe the others.
daruma, Jan 08 2002

       Okay! Do you want to be the Tough-but-Kindly Policeman With Bullhorn, the One Sensitive Burglar, or the Unexpectedly Heroic Cable Guy? Two of the three will get killed, naturally.   

       I haven't yet decided, but I've narrowed down my roles to either the Brave Female or the Dangerously Nubile Teenage Neighbor ...
1percent, Jan 08 2002

       not to be too saccharine, but I was liking //"Baby Im trying to cook here (tickling ensues)".//
daruma, Jan 08 2002

       Damn. I had the lipgloss and Blink-182 belly shirt, all set to go ...
1percent, Jan 08 2002

       This has to have a retro spin to it, like in shows of the 1950s where dad always went to work at least once in a production.   

       Maybe the (gratuitous politically incorrect gender reference) mailman could stop at the porch daily but never leave any mail. "Thought you'd be interested to know that the city is repainting the curbs this week, and I noticed you just put new tires on your SUV -- wouldn't want to get paint on those beauties, no sirree." Mmmphh. Ohyuh. Snuggle turn snuggle.   

       Jigsaw puzzle figures prominently into the plot, as does mum-in-law's recall of every scene of every puzzle. "Have another croissant; you've hardly touched your lunch! The chef at Cafe Suzanne would have called me personally to complain about your appetite if you ate this way there" MMmmpph. Snuggle wiggle.
reensure, Jan 08 2002

       that's OK [UnaBubba], she can be frank, that means I get to be the jesting shirley.
daruma, Jan 09 2002

       What's interesting about watching people snuggle? Seems even creepier than porn.
mrthingy, Jan 09 2002

       Snug Films
bristolz, Jan 09 2002

       Snug Films, :)   

       Why is it creepy mrthingy? People would know they were being filmed.   

       Im a big believer in empathy and I think it would be nice to feel some of the energy that couples in love give off. Im not talking about actors here or plot lines so thats why I think of it as a newish idea. With the right couples, comfortable and grossly in love, you could do something nice.
Protector of Mankind, Jan 09 2002

       thats not empathy, thats voyeurism
po, Jan 09 2002

       Film Voir?
reensure, Jan 09 2002

       I object: I don't write amorography, I write philotica.
bookworm, Jan 10 2002


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