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animatronic toaster

hell, it could have googly eyes and little arms and legs!
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i want my toatser to move. Not around, as that could be problematic, just move. breakfast would never be the same again
ninjafishcake, Jun 22 2003


       Pop a couple of M-80's in there.

It'll move.

       <vision of ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ with his feet nailed to the table>
Shz, Jun 22 2003

       Tak 'he doast ou uf my mouf!! Tak 'he gawd dan doust ou uf my fhukun mouf nao!!   

       That would be a thing I'd like to see/hear when my toast was done. +
sartep, Jun 22 2003

       Apply "dancing Coke can" tech to it, a la Lisa Simpson's tap shoes, and break out the big beats.
friendlyfire, Jun 22 2003

       WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR: Ghostbusters 2.
Cedar Park, Jun 22 2003

       This is one of the funnyest things ive ever heard i'd love to see this.
Wingmaster, Jan 09 2007


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