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anti anti-missile missile laser

Missile caries laser on it to disable anti-missile rockets
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In order to intercept a missile the anti-missile must approach the missile in close proximity to it, so a short-range throwaway laser-gun, run on the rocket fuel, can disable it.
pashute, Aug 21 2015


       What if the anti missile missile has an anti anti anti missile missile laser laser on it?
doctorremulac3, Aug 21 2015

       Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti anti anti-missile missile laser. I'm just not anti anti anti anti-missile missile laser either.
doctorremulac3, Aug 21 2015

       Will we be using laser powered missiles ?
normzone, Aug 21 2015

       Just shoot a good EMP. Problem solved.
RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2015

       This Idea makes certain assumptions that are not necessarily going to be true. Consider a sub-orbital ballistic missile --it has lots of heat shielding to protect it from the heat associated with entering the atmosphere at very high speed. A laser is probably not going to work against that missile, so an anti-missile is needed.   

       This Idea basically says, "Put a laser on the ballistic missile to shoot down the anti-missile." That sounds OK, until you realize that the anti-missile doesn't need to go quite as fast as the ballistic missile, so it won't need lots of heat-shielding. You might think that is also OK, but to protect the anti-missile from the laser, all we need do is mirror-coat the anti-missile. There is no reason to think a good mirror-coat can''t survive the heat associated with the anti-missile's speed.   

       And the mirror-coat only needs to protect the anti- missile from the laser long enough to get close enough for its explosion to kill the ballistic missile.
Vernon, Aug 22 2015

       "and the mirror coat only needs to..."   

       proof that you don't trust the mirror coating, and my anti anti- missile might just actually work.   

       Still your mirror coating got me imagining the next generation of soldiers under laser warfare... no more camouflage, enter: shining armor!
pashute, Aug 24 2015

       A more practical solution would be an antimissile cannon. A big old cannonball will give that antimissile its comeuppance.   

       Plus if it turned out the antimissile was going to connect regardless and the main missile was doomed, it could fire its cannonball along its trajectory so that the cannonball would hit the intended target. That way at least the endeavor would not be a complete loss.   

       Ballistic missiles. They seem so 1960. Probably a bunch of bobbing drones flying along at 100 feet toting those Davy Crockett mininukes is what the war is going to have.
bungston, Aug 24 2015

       //a short-range throwaway laser-gun, run on the rocket fuel, can disable it.//

Especially if fired into it at high speed (á la bungston's cannonball).
DrBob, Aug 24 2015


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