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asymmetric beards

not even punk rockers have one!
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why not. that's all. why not- after the centuries.... oh the humanity! ... OUR humanity! throughout the generations, the ancestry, every ihhabitant of every (other) grave ever dug. and how far on down the evolutionary path?

it has never been a fashion.

gnormal, Feb 10 2001

Beard Research http://mudhead.uott...ca/~pete/beard.html
"People have been saying, 'A beard keeps you warmer.' Sure it sounds good, but has anybody ever really tested this theory? In the interest of science, I thought of cutting off my beard for a winter to determine if it would be colder without it. Thinking about it for a while, I realized that this was no good. Maybe it would be a warmer (colder) winter this year. Maybe I would forget how cold (warm) it was last year. I needed a control! Another person was no good; their perception of cold may not agree with mine. I had only one choice. Shave half of my beard." [egnor, Feb 10 2001]

Portrait of the artist as a madman http://imaginality-...ng-moment-well.html
My half-a-beard [imaginality, Dec 13 2006]

Propagation from the HB http://www.thescrip...um/thread61732.html
[MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2008]


       not a bad theory. but (1) many to most would not consider hair a body part in the way they think of their nose, ears, etc. (2) assymetric haircuts and hair-dos have been with us since the ancients. the side part?   

       if you can cut and style and comb and shave the head hair assymetrically, why not any other body hair, *particularly* facial? whatever one does to the hair on their face or body, it is always with symmetry.
gnormal, Feb 10 2001

       It was a Wunderland affectation. He never said WHAT the shape was, just asymmetric. Once he mentioned it had a point on one side...
StarChaser, Feb 10 2001

       Niven mentioned them a few times in Known Space stories. It is described in detail in "A Relic of the Empire" (in the collection Neutron Star) so if it's not baked, at least the oven is pre-heating.   

       "It looks like you've shaved off all your hair below the part, and everything on your face left of what looks like a one-tuft goatee."
sirrobin, Feb 10 2001

       That haircut, I believe, left something like a 'male pattern baldness' strip of hair around the back of the head from ear to ear.   

       'Relic' is the one I was thinking of, but couldn't remember the name. It 'looked' to me like a full beard surrounding the lips and one cheek, leaving the other bare.
StarChaser, Feb 10 2001

       See link.
egnor, Feb 10 2001

       <grins> I've seen that before...It looks like he's being attacked by a fungus or something...
StarChaser, Feb 11 2001

       At least it definitively answers the question, "why not?".
Monkfish, Feb 11 2001

       I actually saw a guy once with one side of his head shaved and long hair on the other side. The side with hair also had a long sideburn and was dyed blond. It was odd.... the side with no hair - he had about 8 earrings in. I couldn't see the other ear to see what was there.
Susen, Feb 11 2001

       spartans used to have half a beard and head shaved as a punishment for cowards
technobadger, Feb 15 2001

       are you calling ~pete at the univ. of ottawa a coward?
gnormal, Feb 15 2001

       gnormal: is he a spartan?
technobadger, Mar 20 2001

       My brother-in-law actually did that once. Made sure he never looked straight at his wife and it took her all day to figure out what was bothering her--he had a beard part of the time and part of the time he didn't. Musicians are strange.
dumbassengineer, Jun 30 2001

       Pete oughta try to get some grant money, he's on to something.
thumbwax, Jun 30 2001

       MAD magazine once did an article wherein this suggestion appeared. Probably late 60's or early 70's.
supercat, Jun 30 2001

       Baked but wonderful. Chopin introduced musicians to odd beard-types. His own covered only the right side of his face. The side seen by his audience as he played before them.
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       Asymmetry rules OK?
po, May 30 2002

       To lower the intellectual tone here, there was a guy on "Average Joe Hawaii" who had assymetric beard patterns. He would shave in designs to his face like stars or waves. Does this count or is it a whole other subject?   

       I would also like to say i did not avidly watch this programme from beginning to end...... honest!?
Mim, Feb 20 2005

       Also baked by me in 1999, at uni. After exams, I shaved off half of my 'exam beard', but kept the left half. It was a moment of madness that stretched out for over a week before I returned to smooth-shaven sanity. Partly because it was interesting to see people's reactions, partly because it wound up my housemate most amusingly.   

       P.S. Love this remark by the guy with the more impressive beard in the other link: "I suggest that a better test would be to shave half a person's beard off, but not tell them which half. This would give a fairer test of warmth."
imaginality, Dec 13 2006

       Oddly enough, both the title and subtitle appear in a strange page elsewhere.(link)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2008


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