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audio translator

a foreign word and phrase translator with sound
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I'd like to have a word and phrase translator where after i type in the phrase and pick a language, my response comes back with an actual person's voice, no computer generated voices, saying the phrase so i can try to learn to say it correctly instead of deciphering phonetics and having no clue on accent. Probably a website with real audio would make the most sense. I'm actually hoping this idea is baked and someone will fill me in.
raisin, Sep 28 2000

SRI International http://www.speech.sri.com/
Speech Technology and Research (S.T.A.R. System) [The Military, Sep 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Evidently it can't translate sign language...
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001

badass, Aug 25 2002

jab, Mar 03 2004


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