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automagic speaker-ments

midi based insturment reproduction system
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Why not have a full band of insturments that play themselves using midi files....ok, this one is REALLY half baked, but why not have a solinoid controlled bass drum, bass, guitar, and a synthetic vocal cord? you could trick out your own insturments. tune the base wrong to get a crappy sound, or give everything more bass. this would be all compacted down and amplified, but it would make a radio broadcast sound like a live concert. you could make a speaker box about 4 by 4 ft and stick it in your back seat!
cybercyph, Jul 23 2000

Babbage Drum Machine http://www.halfbake...ge_20Drum_20Machine
Special case. [jutta, Jul 23 2000]


       Or you could fool around with the controls on your equalizer and get the same effect for nothing.
StarChaser, Jul 23 2000

       Not the same thing. You don't get the positional variants.   

       I was reading something a year or so ago about how the next stage in high-end sound reproduction was going to be a system that had seperate speakers for each voice/instrument. Don't know what became of it.
bookworm, Jul 24 2000


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