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Cop Radio Triangulator

A way to track police
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My idea would be a scanner that not only hears what cops are saying but where they are based off of radio triangulation, this could be installed in a vehicle with a combination of a radar jammer/ detector to allow drivers to have warning of police near by.
JoeLounsbury2004, Oct 22 2003


       And, if he happens to be stuffing his pie-hole with donuts and not talking on the radio?
Klaatu, Jan 04 2004

       Another year, another login...
Fishrat, Jan 04 2004

       I'll be first in line to buy one! Big juicy bun for you
ServoMan314, Jun 17 2008

       Well, he's either a mining engineer or he was born in 1920.
normzone, Jun 18 2008

       You'll need three antennae in order to triangulate the location. Also, for any accuracy, they'll have to be farther apart from each other than the corners of your vehicle.   

       I guess your device might be able to use doppler shift, directionality, and signal strength to get a decent guess at where they were, and whether they were headed your way, but doing so off of a passive signal could be very tricky.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 19 2008


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