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Crappy Song Buzzer

Well, any song light really
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The great thing about radio is the variety of music it offers. There is no way I could afford a music collection the size of a decent station's library. The bad thing is that you are stuck with what the DJ wants to play which usually includes bad songs. I propose a buzzer that buzzes if the song changes when the volume is at 0. This could either be triggered by silent periods (dodgy and easily confounded) or RDS controlled. This would allow me to kill the volume for crap songs without worrying about missing a good one following it. I conceived this idea while listening to Dr Demento. For many months now there has been at least one Harry Potter song in the funny five. Whatever attracts hordes of people to vote for these musical nightmares escapes me so I turn them off. I usually miss the rest of the countdown as a result. Today I would have missed 'The liar sleeps tonight' by the Spamtones if this idea hadn't reminded me to turn it back up again.
stilgar, Sep 06 2004


       I've been wanting something like this for the radio, too. But they've been playing so much rubbish on the radio lately that I think the buzzer will work overtime and just finally konk out after two days. So instead I buy more CDs and listen to them over and over again. Good intent/idea, though [stilgar].
Machiavelli, Sep 06 2004

       I want something like that, but not as a buzzer, but as an ongoing display of audio signal "shape" (e.g. as a frequency spectrum histogram) for the four or so stations I listen to a lot. That'll let me tell the difference between ads, music, different songs, and spoken programs I want to hear, and let me see that something new is starting on another channel that I might want to listen in on.
jutta, Sep 06 2004


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