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automatic flaming device

i hate you!!!
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are you very angry or very unpopular? Want to flame a lot of people at once? fed up with typing out every abusive comment and sending it to so many addresses?

The automatic flaming device will solve all your flaming problems (please note it will not put out fires). It is a simple program which will fill in a form with person-specific flame-grilled nuggets of hatred, with you only entring the names, addresses and gender of the flame-ees (as opposed to flamers).

ninjafishcake, May 08 2003

Deliver the Dis http://www.thespark.com/dis/
You may find this useful. [friendlyfire, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Complaint Letter Generator http://hugin.sigusr1.org/~pakin/complaint
(similar: could maybe be modified if you ask him nicely) [phundug, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Flame, Curse etc. Generators http://www.insultmo...enerators/index.htm
...and another one [Saruman, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       boo hoo. everyone thinks my idea sucks.
ninjafishcake, May 09 2003

       <automated response>ninjafishcake is such an ass. What kind of idiot would say "everyone thinks my idea sucks." ? I think his account should be deleted.</automated response>
Worldgineer, May 09 2003

       If you don't hate someone enough to flame that person individually, you don't really hate them at all. If you hate everybody, then chances are the problem lies mostly with you.   

       And I mean "you" generically, not "you, ninjafishcake". I don't know you, so I don't hate you. See how it works?
friendlyfire, May 09 2003

       I'd like to to see the reading of flames automated.
snarfyguy, May 09 2003

       Hey [friendlyfire]: I'm curious about the thing in your link, but I'm scared to download it. What's the deal?
snarfyguy, May 09 2003

       [worldingineer] im a GIRL you ?!&@@ !!"$%*?@>
ninjafishcake, May 14 2003

       That's the part that bugs you? At least part of my autoflamer is working.
Worldgineer, May 14 2003

       From jutta's link: "You probably read the New York Times." - argh, the ultimate insult!
DrCurry, May 14 2003

       No, the ultimate would be "You write the editorials in the New York Times."
beauxeault, May 14 2003

       ninjafishcake, I feel like this could be useful to some. +.   

       hate hurts the hater more than the hated.
mahatma, May 14 2003

       One of my friends was ruminating on hiphop culture a while back and pointed out that there is a neat, irrefutable logic to the bickering of rap stars - if they get in a back and forth with another rapper and they insult each other in the press and on wax and then insult each other's family/pets/clothes etc. they leave themselves only one place to go. One has to call the other a "hata." Thereafter, the hiphopper so tarnished is unable to argue back - even to say "No, *you* a hata" - as they are a hata and by definition everything a hata says is wrong.
It's the hiphop flame war logic A-Bomb.
my face your, May 14 2003

       I think Curry has one of these, except it just produces minor variations of "post original material".
bungston, May 14 2003


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