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Fake backdrops for video conferencing
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Produce and sell fake "live" backdrops for people with video phones. Kremlin, the oval office, tornado victims.

Also, "blue screen" scene alanalysis software that can turn the parts of the image that consistently don't move into any GIF you pick. (If you have props, pick them up and wiggle them briefly before transmission starts.)

jutta, Jan 04 1999

Baked! http://effectv.sour...net/bluescreen.html
Effectv's 'BlueScreen" mode. [kamathln, May 19 2009]


       This reminds me of "the Excuse Channel," a rumored Tokyo radio station. You could call up and request specific background noise then turn up your stereo and make a phone call from any simulated location. "Hello Boss? Sorry I'm late, the subway's broken down and I'm stuck in the station. Maybe I'll be in in a hour."
Eeyore, Mar 03 2000

       I think a bigger market would be automatic makeup/hair paint 'n' fill for those mornings you answer the videophone after just rolling out of bed. Hide Hangover? (Y/N)
koz, Mar 03 2000

       In England, there's a pub with a sealed phone box where you can phone your other half to say you'll be late. You can select noises for the background, eg. traffic, stockmarket etc. Every pub should have one...
ashworth, Jun 26 2000

       Not only do we need backgrounds and ambient noises, but how about avatars so we can portray any self-image that suits our purpose? And if we really want a bulletproof disguise, how about plain old email?
caravanserai, Jun 30 2000

       Baked! That too an open source one! Check link
kamathln, May 19 2009


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