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beeping television remote

tired of getting up to find the remote, or walking to the tv to chage the channel because you cant find the remote
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how come no one has yet come to the conclusion that it would not be hard at all to use the same concept as a cordless phone in finding it when lost. If you were to lose your cordless phone you go to the mase station and press a button and teh phone beeps loudly and you set out to follow the sound, why cna no one come to realize to d the same with tv clickers
stoveonarampage, Jul 23 2004

remote finder http://www.halfbake...dea/Remote_20Finder
[xclamp, Oct 17 2004]

rechargeable too http://www.halfbake...ctric_20TV_20Remote
[Ichthus, Oct 17 2004]


       my tv has one of those. you press a button on the tv and the remote beeps. [m-f-d] redundant. (link).   

       now if they could only invent a spell checker for computers.
xclamp, Jul 23 2004

       Rechargeable would be nice too. (link)   

       I'm with you, stove. I hated seeing this stuff already here. Toot sweets, mothers’ milk cheese, and rechargeable remotes with paging. They had it all before we even knew there was a site for halfbakers. But it’s still a pretty cool place to look around. And even though it's marked for deletion, it's still better than the HalfUNbakery For the Pessimists (am I allowed to say that?)
Ichthus, Jul 24 2004

       Why not make a remote big enough to trip over ?
python, Jul 24 2004

       because that would be un egronamical and stupid and who would want a jumbo remote control in their living room, esspecailly inan apartment where the remote would be like a peice of furniture
stoveonarampage, Jul 28 2004

       I think TV's should come in pairs. That way, you can use one of them as a TV and the other as a remote. And, if one breaks down you can just switch them.
phundug, Jul 28 2004

       Make it 7' long, upholster the bastard, sit on it and use a console on the arm nearest the TV to change channels. With a nice leather feel and a touch of veneer it might also prove to be egronamical.
Betcha don't lose it, either.
gnomethang, Jul 28 2004


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