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Remote Control Finder

a low-tech approach...
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I've searched the HB and found countless techie approaches to the universal 'Lost TV Remote Control Problem', but couldn't find this solution.

I hereby submit my first.........submission.

This 'Remote Control Finder' can be installed by anyone onto ANY remote control. The materials may be found in most households and require no knowledge of electronics or thermodynamics.

Simply attach a length of one inch wide by 3 feet long, bright red ribbon to the back of your remote control.


(of course this may make it much easier for your 3 year old to find your remote and carry it off, but I submit he/she is very unlikely to think to hide the ribbon away as well.)

Dently, Oct 05 2003

(?) Retractable Remote Control Tether http://www.se-kure....imghtm/teardrop.htm
[Cedar Park, Oct 17 2004]

(?) Remote control pager http://www.sharperi...66&_requestid=42413
$49.95 vs 49 cents.... [Dently, Oct 17 2004]

Another plan http://www.halfbake...fa-Storage-Solution
not as cheap as ribbon... [briandamage, Oct 17 2004]


       Are you the same guy who invented the overpriced ball that hangs from the garage ceiling as an alternative to the even-more-overpriced sonar-based garage-parking aids?
supercat, Oct 05 2003

       [supercat] No, that was my grandpa.
Dently, Oct 05 2003


       Do you mean Voilà?   

       Congratulations on your new invention. You should get a ribbon.
Cedar Park, Oct 06 2003

       Different colours for different remotes perhaps? Blue for the VCR, green for the DVD player? Yes, it works for me.
madradish, Oct 06 2003

       beware your 3 year old does not strangle himself with a 3 feet length of ribbon. shame I like the solution. perhaps attach a helium balloon so that the ribbon is out of harms way.
po, Oct 06 2003

       Shouldn't television sets have paging buttons like those on the bases of cordless telephones?   

       Are detatchable paging buttons and signal receivers available?
Dirksen, Oct 06 2003

       Ah, but it's not really a "finder" now, is it? More of a "make more obviouser". I think a name change is in order. Remote control make more obviouser.
phoenix, Oct 06 2003

       i fear that my cats, pete and dud, will be able to find, carry off and rehide all my remotes with this invention. however, welcome to the bakery Dently, croissant with ribbon for you.
jonthegeologist, Oct 06 2003

       excellent title, phoe.
po, Oct 06 2003

       I’ve attached my remote to Gala, my dog. She’s always at my feet, and too big to fall behind the couch.
pluterday, Oct 06 2003

       You could also scribble all the channel names and numbers down on the ribbon, making it even more useful. Of course then you will see beer ads on these ribbons next. Just might work though - I like it.
BritUSA, Oct 06 2003

       // a length of one inch wide by 3 feet long ...//   

       How many different lengths of 3 feet long ribbons are there?
phundug, Oct 06 2003

       one. Why ?
pjd, Oct 06 2003

       Nice first idea. Welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 06 2003

       The problem isn't with finding the remote control, the problem is that it is so easily lost. It's a small, portable, dark, reasonably durable object. It probably won't do any damage to the rest of your property, either. Each of these characteristics contribute to its lossiness.   

       The problem can be eliminated by making it large (half a metre cubed, say), incredibly heavy (make it out of bricks, like a barbeque), bright (put a dirty great halogen light in it) and flimsy (self-assembly, perhaps). Oh, and install an always on piped gas bunsen burner flame on the top surface, so that (a) you'll be bloody careful where you put it and (b) hogging results in skin grafts.
calum, Oct 06 2003

       wow. tough crowd.   

       [po]<disclaimer> WARNING: Not for use in homes with small children or pets (fish included). For external use only. May cause strangulation, choking and paper cuts. Wash thoroughly before use. Some materials are know to cause cancer in lab animals. Use ribbon with extreme caution. If rash developes, discontinue use and consult your physician.</disclaimer>   

       [Cedar] Too-Shay   

       [phoenix] Too-obvious   

       [madradish and BritUSA] Great additions! Glow-in-the-dark ribbon would be good too.
Dently, Oct 06 2003

       //Shouldn't television sets have paging buttons like those on the bases of cordless telephones?// [Dirksen}   

       Now THERE'S an idea worth looking into!
muzer, Oct 07 2003

       //[phoenix] Too-obvious// nope, obviouser
po, Oct 07 2003

       [Dirksen] The paging button idea is covered in another idea here at the bakery (see "Remote Finder" right here in this category). Turns out it is baked by a couple of TV vendors, including Philips.   

       As for the stick-on pagers, those definitely exist already. I've seen them advertised on TV.
krelnik, Oct 07 2003

       I actually have quite a bit of success in asking my 3 year old twins - "where's the 'motes?" They always know, even when they have thrown it behind the couch.
Zimmy, Oct 08 2003

       3 year old twins! How cute! Do you have any pictures on the web [Zimmy]?
madradish, Oct 08 2003

       I just tried this and the ribbon got all tangled up in the sorting device recently installed down the back of my sofa. (see link)
briandamage, Oct 08 2003

       I was about to write up a similar idea when I found your post. I have been using an 8' piece of florescent nylon string as a "Remote Control Lanyard" in my bedroom for some time. One end of the lanyard is anchored to my "Bedstand Remote Pouch" while the other terminates in an adjustable loop that efficiently secures and detaches from the remote body.   

       It works. I look for the remote: I find the yellow string: I reel in the string slack until the remote is in my hand. The time it takes me to locate the same remote in the same space when I am not using my "Remote Control Lanyard" is ALWAYS significantly increased.   

       a bun and then some...
Cube, Jan 25 2006


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