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beer packaging

"bring a blob of beer"
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i was reading an idea posted way back in 2000 (im new here) about the necessity of a better method for conglomerating your beer, namely replacing the current six-pack cans method.

ok check this out, magnetic cans! Make the cans magnetic so you can stick however many you want together and in basically any shape. They'll take up less room than a typical 6 pack because all the cans will be closer together, which also enables them to stay colder longer. You can configure any quantity of them into any shape you want in order to better stow them or transport them. They're won't be any plastic rings for the sober, non-understanding people to care about. You could carry them with a magnetic handle emblazened with whatever logos, slogans, or naughty images you want. If you're not of drinking age, you could even leave them on top of your car during transport so as to argue non-possession with an officer of the law...

hawg, Sep 11 2003

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       You can also stack more in the fridge without the risk of an avalanche when you open the door.
The person who drinks the last can sticks it on the outside of the fridge as a reminder.
I see problems with recycling the magnets, but from a user point of view it is a good idea.
kbecker, Sep 11 2003

       It would make it way easier for homless people to collect them too, they could even build multi storey houses from them.
Gulherme, Sep 11 2003

       In fact, you could even use them for data storage.
Detly, Sep 11 2003

       Is there anything these magnetic beer cans can't do I ask you?
Gulherme, Sep 11 2003

       no i don't think there is...
hawg, Sep 11 2003

       They could even replace kegs because you could put as many as you want (say 5,000 cans) together and transport them by getting all your buddies with the magnetic handles to help you. Even better, they could make the cans as perfect cube shapes which would further economize space AND data storage!
hawg, Sep 11 2003

       [Gulherme]: Well, they can't sit close to my computer monitor without distorting the screen...
Cedar Park, Sep 12 2003

       How much for a Cubit of Carlsburg? We'll take two & we can even stick 'em to the side of the boat.
Zimmy, Sep 12 2003

       Wouldn't the repelling properties of magnets cause some of these configurations to be highly unstable?
FarmerJohn, Sep 12 2003

       Last time I was unstable*, (waaaaaaaaay back in the 70's) I was repulsive.
*Mentally unstable doesn't count!
Nor does financially unstable! Goddamnit!
thumbwax, Sep 12 2003

       dodgy beercans?   

       repulsive tw? never!
po, Sep 12 2003

       // The person who drinks the last can sticks it on the outside of the fridge as a reminder. //   

       The person who drinks the last can should be on their way to the off license to buy more cans.
Morals, Sep 12 2003

       // Is there anything these magnetic beer cans can't do I ask you? //   

       Actually be magnetic, for one. They're made of aluminum.
waugsqueke, Sep 12 2003

       Introducing new Magluminum, in the even newer octagonal color coded cans.   

       So you're going to make beer cans out of what, lead or iron or whatever? Sounds expensive...
snarfyguy, Sep 12 2003

       I would have magnetic hotspots in my house, so that way, when we're having a party at the house, just stick it to the wall, or whereever the conversation is happening ... that, and clean up would be a breeze ... just walk arround with a magnet mounted on a stick or something ... or have a special trashcan with an electromagnet in the bottom as to attract the empites ... then when you're ready to empty the trash can, simply turn the magnet off ... I'm all about this idea ... wear a metallic vest, or a shirt with magnets in to as to carry more/go hands-free while drinking
Letsbuildafort, Sep 12 2003

       Make them out of steel and in cubes, with magnets stuck on the sides. That way you can rearange the magnets to make any arrangement you desire (without stability issues). In fact, I say magnetize everything. Then you can stick your beer to the side of the couch. Done with your cordless phone? Stick it to the wall while removing your next beer.
Worldgineer, Sep 12 2003

       Hey, who brought the magnetic ice?
grip, Sep 12 2003

       Build a box of beer cans, fill it with ice. And snacks. Stick on a set of wheels, take it anywhere.
oxen crossing, Sep 12 2003

       Welcome to the bakery, [hawg]. WTAGIPBAN.
krelnik, Sep 12 2003

       thanks very much for the good reception. i love this site. never heard of or seen anything as cool until yesterday. (bartenders could effortlessly jettison cans of beer to their patrons by zipping them down rails built into the bar using a version of current magnetic train rail technology...
hawg, Sep 12 2003

       I need some more information as to how you plan to get aluminum to magnetize before we go much further. That point seems to have been missed. I got ripped to shreds for posting the same idea almost three years ago... perhaps in the meantime you've come up with a solution.
waugsqueke, Sep 13 2003

       However you configure the magnets, each single beer can would have some overall polarity orientation. This means that any large number of them would end up sticking together not in a regular, systematic fashion, but rather in a hodge-podge pile like those toys that have a big magnetic base and lots of little metal pieces - you'd get a big pile of cans all stuck together in various random directions. This wouldn't look pretty, but it would still presumably be easy to carry. Well, except when they would slide around and fall off.
ywong, Sep 13 2003

       The cans could be made of steel instead of aluminum (expensive). Or the cans could still be the same, but the magnets glued to the outside, or slipped on the can like a "koozie". Then they could be taken off and recycled separately.
krelnik, Sep 13 2003

       A friend who grew up in Novosibirsk says in winter they used to hack their beer rations as ingots from a huge beerberg.
n-pearson, Sep 13 2003


       ewww - off beer!   

       I'll have some of Rods.
po, Sep 13 2003

       [UB] - I was going to suggest Ni for its weight, but I didn't realise it was so expensive.
Detly, Sep 14 2003

       I think you're just jealous of hawg, waugsqueke. Jealous that you never thought of such a cool idea and then claiming that you have already thought of this idea. It's like me turning around now and saying, "I thought of this idea last week". Well done hawg. I must have one of these...or two, or four, or eight, the possibilities are endless. Croissant!
Mind_Boggle, Sep 15 2003

       //it all has to be drunk within a day// you say that as if the thought were alien to you.
po, Sep 15 2003

       Does anyone here have a shred of imagination? Why not just make the cans two thin layers of aluminum with magnets spaced inbetween the layers? Then if we make the space between the layers a vacume they will also retain their tempreture for longer. MAGNETIC BEER CANS FOR ALL I SAY!
Gulherme, Sep 22 2003

       I'm just lazy and I'll stay that wei.
Gulherme, Sep 22 2003

       [UB] Be nice to the newbie. I think it's a well done idea. If I had seen [waugs]' idea I would have bunned it as well.   

       None of the technical issues are insurmountable. They used to put beer in steel cans, so it must not be so expensive as to be unaffordable. Make the cans square in horizontal cross section, add cheap sheet magnets to 1/2 of each side, and you're done. I'm seeing this as a gimmic used for a new beer label in order to gain quick market acceptance.
Worldgineer, Sep 22 2003

       My suggestion (which was an annotation to centauri's original "Better Six Packs" idea, not a stand-alone idea) was to figure out a way to make 'em magnetic. It was quickly pointed out that making the cans out of steel is the only way, and that enough steel to be magnetic would be "much too" of both expensive and heavy. Not insurmountable perhaps, but prohibitive. The whole anno thread is gone now, though.
waugsqueke, Sep 22 2003

       As an alternative... just keep the cans made of Aluminium, but mould the top and bottom to be compatible with Lego. This would have all the advantages of magnets, plus the empties can be used by your children and at parties (with the addition of a Lego Mindstorms kit) it'd be easy to build a motorised, remote- controlled beercan.
hippo, Sep 22 2003

       Oooh, I like that, [hippo].
krelnik, Sep 23 2003

       So do I. I think it deserves it's own idea.
Worldgineer, Sep 23 2003

       How about rolling ferrous rings into the top and bottom ring seams. Then you can seperately, and cheaply, purchase both handles and ring connectors (both magnetic) in single ring yet attachable configurations. Ease of manufacturing, marketable accessories, and endless building configurations (like legos for adults). Price, value, selection, nobody even comes close.
countzero, Sep 23 2003

       Unabubba, you aren't a local in my home town by any chance are you?
Gulherme, Sep 23 2003

       Ahh yes... and really, you only need it on two sides, not four - just alternate the orientation.
Detly, Sep 23 2003

       What happens when the earth's poles swap in 25000 years time?   

       A + for any idea involving beer though...
Supercruiser, Sep 24 2003

       [UB] I meant, if the label was on two sides of each can, you could alternate the orientation of the cans in a block, so you could always have one label between two cans.
Detly, Sep 24 2003

       //mould the top and bottom to be compatible with Lego//
I just noticed your suggestion (including the bit about kids using the empties) was halfbaked as a fake TV advertisement on an old rerun of "The Man Show" on US cable network Comedy Central. They called the product "Kegos".
krelnik, Nov 20 2003

       Damn I just came up with the idea of magnetic tins of beans today and I see it's already half-baked here. Oh well, + vote for you.
fridge duck, Mar 01 2005


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