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camp beans

cook beans on campfire without burning
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Designed to cook evenly and quickly on a camp fire. Camp Beans would come in flavors such as "pinto", "refried", "baked", etc. The can resembles a very large tuna can (wide and flat) so the beans cook evenly unlike a conventional can where the beans on the bottom burn while the beans on top are cold. They could also be cooked on the stove to reduce dishes.
tileface, Jan 09 2007

Easy can lid http://img.alibaba...._Pressure_.summ.jpg
I think these have been around for a while now. [Trickytracks, Jan 10 2007]


       If I'm visualising this correctly, surely the name of this idea should be something like "Tin cans which have a large radius yet are disproportionately short"?   

       Just think how long it would take to open with a manual tin opener!
jtp, Jan 10 2007

       [jtp]: see link.
Trickytracks, Jan 10 2007

       Ooh, hellooo...! Here, did you see that Broad over there? Ooh, he had lovely green skin, I'd love to be in his pod any day! Oh, I know, I am nasty! And those Kindneys over there, they don't half love to mince! Look at the dirty tarts, all dripping in chilli sauce, begging to get in that con carne. Those boys are awful! Right, must dash, I've got a date in a 3-Bean Casserole. A culinary menage a troi! Not a baked bean in sight, thank God! Chao darling, chao. (Bitch)
theleopard, Jan 11 2007

       Darn. I was hoping for cans of beans to cook at come, with genuine camp cooking flavours, such as "Ash and Bits Of Bark", "Burnt" and "Is That A Caterpillar?"
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 11 2007


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