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coke can caps

drink coke out of the can hygenically
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i was always told by my mom to pour a drink out of a can into a glass 'since you dont know what sort of germs, and dirt are on the cans'

how about having a sort of pouring aid that you clip onto the can, and you can drink out of the can with this. the cap would clip round the top edge of the can, and where the hole is the cap have a straw that goes down the the bottom of the can, and sticks out the top, so your mouth doesn't need to touch the can at all the straw would be very bendable, and the cap could be very flexible so, you could reduce the size of it very easily, and it wouldnt be a huge bulky thing to carry around

hover_dude, Jun 22 2001

(?) baked http://www.invention.com/brown7.htm
Cap with straw, keeps your mouth clean. Except it comes with the can. [pashute, Jul 19 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Your idea has two parts: a can-hole-insert, 'so your mouth doesn't need to touch the can', and a straw. If you're using either part, you don't need the other. Straws are baked, the can-hole-insert gets a pastry (although I've drunk from many cans and have not contracted any vile disease as a result - give your immune system some practise).
angel, Jun 22 2001

       I personally employ this simple method: 1. wipe the rim of the can. 2. Drink. And, dude, it's OK to be English on this site. You are allowed to refer to your mother as 'mum', the Americans will still know who you mean. Welcome to the 1/2B. We hope you enjoy your stay (sorry, I was a little less than charitable yesterday).

lewisgirl, Jun 22 2001

       I once had a set of plastic lids that snapped onto pop can tops. They had a plastic spout on a pivot, and when the spout pivoted up it was open and you could drink. Fold it down and it was closed. Mind you, the straw-spout didn't actually enter the can, so if a rat had made weewee on the top of the can there was still some chance of contaminated pop.
Dog Ed, Jun 23 2001

       Or just invent a soda bottle smaller and cheaper than the half-liter ones. A bottle probably is more preferable than a can, since a can can explode if you throw it really hard on the ground
HighSchoolMan, Sep 13 2001

       Of course, due to dribble factor, pouring out your coke does nothing to help you evade those little germs (which are likely helping build you a better immune system instead of causing your untimely death, anyways). If you must, waste some petroleum products and use a straw. Better yet, grab your shirt, and wipe the darned thing off. Use soap and water if you are truly compulsive. Bleach is to be used only by fanatics.
djanaba, Sep 17 2001

       Something like this exists but I don't know where you get them from. My gran has them - she must have ordered them from one of the many kitchen gadget catalogues she seems to own. I don't think anyone ever, ever uses them at her house, but she would be thrilled to hear that someone else thought they were a good idea.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 18 2001

       It's probably a bit dangerous to try to get it to work on you.
Lemon, Sep 18 2001

       I can phone her and ask where you are going wrong if you like Unabubba.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 18 2001

       Wouldn't it be like a mini-keg of soda and the pouring aid is an attachable (and detachable) tapper? it would be pretty easy to make. Croissant.
croissantz, Aug 30 2004

       Kinda pointless. Carbonation-tight reclosable cans would be cool, though.
Chrontius, Aug 30 2004


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