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better school desks

how to make a better school desk for students?
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well as everyone can tell from my title i am trying to create a better school desk. my mates and i have come up with a couple of ideas that i would like to throw out there for you guys to give me opinions. we would like to make these desks comfortable for people of all shapes ane sizes. now i am not a small lad so we have decided to extend the seat about 2 more feet for those big butts. we have decided that foam is out and air or water or gel should be put inplace of these. we would also like to make the whole thing adjustible depending on leg hieght and waist size. if you guys can think of anything else post and critisize it i need opinions.
bobbyboy, Dec 06 2003

aeron chair http://www.hermanmi...a10-c440-p8,00.html
Add a flip-up writing surface and you're done [chud, Oct 04 2004]

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       Beer holders, lots of beer holders.
silverstormer, Dec 06 2003

       Sounds like a good plan. I might just steal it...
NickTheGreat, Dec 06 2003

       Is it going to incorporate the latest Computator technology?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2003

       Built in VCR and X-Box...?
DrCurry, Dec 06 2003

       // we have decided that foam is out //   

       Foam? Where are they using foam on desks? The chair seat? Hell, I sat on hard wood seats. Kids these days... foam's not good enough for ya, eh? A bleedin' looxury if ya ask me.
waugsqueke, Dec 06 2003

       something to hold your head up and your eyes open for when you fall asleep during interminably boring lectures.
po, Dec 06 2003

       I went back to my primary school when I was 14 and sat on a seat in the 7 y.o. class.
Now *that* was an odd experience.
gnomethang, Dec 06 2003

       Here in the US, you might have a market, as public school administrators seem to be more fond of technological and social gadgetry than actual education.
Guncrazy, Dec 06 2003

       sorry [Robert C], I 'forgot' to add 'kicking and screaming'!. You sussed me.
gnomethang, Dec 06 2003

       There's no market for it. School desks and chairs are designed to be easily stacked out of the way and in the process torture the students. School administrators aren't interested in anyone's comfort. You're not supposed to be comfortable, you're supposed to be learning, goddamnit!   

       I think I was a homeschooler for a reason. Now that I'm in college, of course, I can fall asleep sitting up in an un-padded, standard folding/stackable chair. Not straight, but sitting up. A useful skill, but best applied in an unnoticeable area. Some teachers actually care if you're learning. That's all well and good, but sometimes they're math teachers.
Eugene, Dec 06 2003

       And secondly, bobbyboy, why not just appropriate a second chair for your prodigious ass? You could bring in your own cushioning to make it more comfy. I mean literal cushioning, like seat cushions and blankets and whatnot. How you'll carry them is up to you of course.
Eugene, Dec 06 2003

       no school system would allow it or fork over the extra money. the seats are designed to be uncomfortable to keep you awake.
monk, Dec 07 2003

       What's the idea here? Adjustable school desks? More comfortable school desks? How isn't this a "me too"?
phoenix, Dec 07 2003

       Because it's a WIBNI.
Overpanic, Dec 07 2003


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