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bicycle safety mattress

Bicycle Safety Mattress
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We all know the familiar feeling where we're hurtling down a path on a bike, about to fall off. Of course it's a natural reaction to pull the brake handles as hard as you can - but the bike will continue to skid along for a good few feet due to the loose terrain of the path.

And it's inevitable that at some point, you'll lose control, the brakes will have no effect on your velocity, and the bicycle proceeds to throw you off, headfirst, onto the concrete/into the path of a lorry/into a ditch.

However, with the Bicycle Safety Mattress, you will be given a nice soft landing. The mattress itself is the same size and thickness as a king-sized bed one, however it is stored in a small canister measuring 10cm^3. When the brakes are pulled but the bike doesn't stop, the high pressure valve releases the mattress at speed, making it land on the path ahead of you. When you get flung off your bike, you can avoid injury when you land on the mattress instead of the road.

shastings, Aug 21 2003

Bicycle Air Bag http://www.halfbake...Bicycle_20Air_20Bag
Redundant with this idea by [Wezard] (and several others linked within) [krelnik, Oct 21 2004]


       A king size mattress that inflates out of a small can sounds suspiciously like an air bag, and we already halfbaked that solution. See link.
krelnik, Aug 21 2003

       "When the brakes are pulled but the bike doesn't stop, the high pressure valve releases the mattress at speed"
<visualizes favorite mountain bike trails littered with errantly released king size air mattresses>

       "making it land on the path ahead of you"
thus ensuring that you will crash.

       Oh, welcome to the halfbakery.
half, Aug 21 2003

       LOL - thanks for the comments :) And the welcome!
shastings, Aug 21 2003


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