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Bike Bling Safety Spinner Rims

Lose the training wheels.
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To hear my nephew tell it, to still have training wheels on after your friends have lost them, is not just unhip, it's the premature end of your social career.

The designers at 'Pimp My Bike' Inc. understand completely. That's why we've come up with Safety Stabilizing Spinners for Bicycles. Yes, now your BMX Junior can have the same spinner-rim look as your older bro's tricked-out ghetto-sled. And because they're motorized for gyroscopic stability, you can ditch the training wheels, without anyone being the wiser. Go from loser to cruizer today!

RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2005


       Lose the training wheels and lose your nephew...from loser to cruizer to bruiser.   

       Doesn't gyroscopic stability also means it's hard to turn your front wheel? Must be fun to watch your newly pimped cruizer nephew go straight into the busy traffic junction without the muscle to turn the bike.   

       Why not keep the training wheel but fit them with spinners?
spekkie, Oct 21 2005

       Just fit the weighted spinner to the rear wheel, and an unweighted spinner to the front, then you can still turn...
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 21 2005

       That's really quite clever.
wagster, Oct 21 2005

       As seen (and gloriously shot down) on American Inventor in a recent episode. (not by me, though).
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2007


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