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Bicycle with Parachute

You're about to crash, but the parachute saves you
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In a car if you crash, an airbag will pop out and protect you. Well, what happens if you're riding your bike? Let's say that you see a pothole coming up, but you're too close to break without hurting yourself. Press the buttion on your belt, and a small parachute will shoot up 7 feet in the air and carry you up. You will float for one minute, in which time you can use the remote in your hand to direct yourself out of the street. After a minute, the parachute will deflate and you will slowly come down. Your bike will eventually stop moving, and you never fell down and got scraped up. You can go and retrieve your bike, and you're set to go. The special belt would be another biking necessaity, similar to a helmet.
sumidog123, Aug 14 2002


       okee dokee. so how do you get any lift out of the shoot in such a short time? better to have emergency boost shocks on the bike to launch you and it over the obstacle.
rbl, Aug 14 2002

       Redo this with airbags, and you may have an idea.
DrCurry, Aug 14 2002

       You could have a rocket-assisted chute, like a BRS. None of these ideas work fast enough.   

       However, you could have an explosive device in a reinforced parabolic deflector on the handlebars. The blast is cleverly shaped to project a powerful retro-impulse that will stop you dead in your tracks (maybe literally).
FloridaManatee, Sep 05 2003


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