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bladerunner on drugs

on more drugs to make sci fi films
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there was fifth element partly described as '..bladerunner on prozac ...'and some other films have been described by comparison to bladerunner,with it as some sort of reference point. how about trying to match up other films of a cyberpunky nature by showing bladerunner to different people who take drugs anyway (whilst under the influence), and comparing them to the other films then cataloguing them,drug to film- [such as for example lsd to perhaps akira or the matrix] afterwards finding large gaps and making up new films to match these [perhaps apply to other genres if any would be applicable]
technobadger, Feb 11 2002


       Darn, I thought someone had come up with a new sport for the winter Olympics......
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       The movies most "on drugs" aren't sci-fi. Moulin Rouge. Natural Born Killers. Anything with the Olsen Twins.
quarterbaker, Feb 11 2002

       Ah, now I know why I was suddenly reminded of Adam & Joe when I read this idea title. There was a Ken Korda sketch about film making which involved everyone being "fucked on drugs!". Wish I could remember it all...
CoolerKing, Feb 12 2002

       Ah, that explains the Olsen Twins. Now it all makes sense.   

       It's a Wonderful Life = Cocoa or Ovaltine?
pottedstu, Feb 12 2002

       Ipecac in honey. So sickeningly sweet it makes you throw up.
StarChaser, Feb 12 2002

       Surely a critic referring to a film as being something else "on drugs" is just lazy journalism. Ditch the drugs and buy more thesauri.
mcscotland, Feb 12 2002

       This year's 2002, remember.
hippo, Feb 12 2002

       No, tb came in Jan 2001....
runforrestrun, Feb 12 2002

       Given that it was made in Hollywood in the 80's there's a strong probability that Blade Runner (note: two words) was made on drugs (at least by some of the cast and crew).
sirrobin, Feb 13 2002

       Not to mention that it was based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, who had a fair intake of drugs at certain points in his life...
-alx, Feb 13 2002

       Which is like saying that my goldfish has a fair intake of water. But Dick wasn't involved in the making of the film.
sirrobin, Feb 13 2002


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