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blinkin’ obvious

indicator lights on cyclist’s helmets using the new 3D movement recognition technology.
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it can be very difficult to predict what a cyclist is going to do even in daylight as their arm signals are often misinterpreted, hidden by other traffic, lost in the driver’s blind spot or even non-existent.

as a motorist, I am very careful of cyclists, as they look and are very vulnerable but careful as I am, from their perspective, I am just a crazy uncaring roadhog.

these cyclist helmets are equipped with lights both back and front and different movements produce different indicators.

several quick nods to the left will indicate left and a nodding head to the right will indicate right. stopping lights can be achieved by bending the head backwards. perhaps even a “gonna overtake that damned ice-cream van if it kills me” could be a full-on single beam.

two light shakes of the head will produce the traditional “thank you” as a reward for considerate driving.

po, Mar 11 2005


       How about leds on rings, so that when you put your hand out a turn indicator comes on?
david_scothern, Mar 11 2005

       That or you'll have a street full of dizzy cyclists... : )
k_sra, Mar 11 2005

       Show me a cyclist who signals at all, and I'll show you one who'll use this.
angel, Mar 11 2005

       I once got mown down by a very polite driver who turned left across me (this is in the UK). She said that she thought I was turning left too. When I pointed out that I hadn't ****** indicated left, she said (and I kid you not) that cyclists always turn without indicating. There was a bizarre logic to that.
Basepair, Mar 11 2005

       Forget signaling, I've never seen a cyclist obey any traffic rules; stop lights, one-way signs, etc.; at least in NYC.
brodie, Mar 11 2005

       Yeah, same here. If the light's on red, they use the footpath.
angel, Mar 11 2005

       fess up, who voted for mowing down cyclists?   

       angel, they're much more brazen down here.
po, Mar 12 2005


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