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Create surf with explosions
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Surfers like big waves, not too big mind, but just the right size.

Explosions in the water create waves of whatever size you want, depending on depth and yield.

Suggested is an offshore platform out at sea from a suitable surf beach.

When the surf is low, the platform lowers a continuous string of bombs which detonate or explode or whatever bombs do (thankyou [8th]) thus causing waves to be generated or reinforced and to proceed to the beach.

If the swell is too big, then the bombs could be triggered out of phase with the waves, thus reducing the height of the surf through destructive interference.

pocmloc, Jun 11 2020

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       Excellent. I am envisioning that the the platform is a spar bouy and within the submerged part of the body is a series of bombs which looks very like the one the Adam West Batman ran through the streets holding above his head except that these bombs are in an elegant string of pearls formation last seen in The Rock / MI6 intelligence and when a bomb is needed it feeds out of the bottom of the spar bouy like an upside down underwater Pez, but a Pez filled with bombs and the bomb is dragged towards the detonation zone by the tide or maybe a tugboat.
calum, Jun 11 2020

       ^ Did you think all of that in one breath?
whatrock, Jun 11 2020

       Two. One breath per sentence.
calum, Jun 12 2020

       There's going to be some death to local life and a product stain. Unless molecular products are edible, to balance out the loss.
wjt, Jun 14 2020

       Is that such a bad thing? Ha.
blissmiss, Jun 14 2020

       If the universe is holographic based(each part reflects all other parts) each of our bodies has to add an infinitely small hit to the personal damage count.
wjt, Jun 15 2020

       Lovely. One possible problem is that the bombs will produce circular waves emanating from the explosion site.   

       You could instead use varying thicknesses of detcord to produce straight waves. This does have the disadvantage of being incompatible with the giant underwater pez dispenser.   

       Another alternative would be to simply use much larger bombs, further away.
mitxela, Jun 16 2020


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