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Bookcase Mosaic

Picture books. No, wait...book pictures.
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Required materials: A large bookcase that needs a ladder to get to all the books; a whole hell of a lot of books with spines of different colors; and if you're not a good hand with mosaics, a program that you can load scanned spine jpegs of your books into for formulated placement instructions of various images.

Just think of the possibilities--it could be a whole new filing system!

"Where's the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?"

"It's in the eyes. ...No, not the i's...the *other* eyes."

Eugene, May 08 2004


       I do this already to some extent - not that I can get picures as such, but I am slightly anal about having the books arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way spine-wise. You have inspired me to go one stage further though +
hazel, May 08 2004

       I can remember the size and color of a book better than the title or author, so that’s how I file them. It’s not a perfect system, of course... “It was a white book, large, I think...” And a year later, I find it under the sofa. And turns out it was a small book, with a red cover.
ldischler, May 08 2004

       Very good. Perhaps the Dewey system is a bit out-dated.
kranedawg, May 08 2004

       sp: Mosaic.
waugsqueke, May 08 2004

       I like the word "mosiac". Sounds like someone who is afflicted with a sauntering condition.
half, May 08 2004

       So not a well read Messiah (moshiach)? +
theircompetitor, May 08 2004

       On a very large scale, the books could be arranged such that they formed another literary work.
half, May 08 2004

       Personally, I file my books, variously, by novels or textbooks, author, series, world (Star Wars or Dragonlance for instance) or just "It's on the bookshelf. Maybe the floor. Maybe the bedside shelf. Maybe the bedside table/stool. Maybe the car..."   

       [half]--that's for the uber bookcase mosaic-er. If you encounter such a thing, pray direct me to an image.   


       [tsuka]-- me, I'd just be lazy and do a new subject from various creative works every time it got messed up, using the program.   

       Apollo was the god who assisted Paris in the assassination of Achilles by arrow, you know (another version is that he did it himself). I guess that's what happens when intellectuals meddle in war...they do it the safe and smart way.
Eugene, May 08 2004

       A guy walked into a bookstore...   

       Actually.. I walked into a bookstore and nearly tripped over 10 boxes of purple books.   

       "They needed them for a photo shoot" says the owner. "The shoot was over and they all came back."   

       "Sell a lot to interior designers for restaurant decor. The books are never read and chosen only for size and color."
popbottle, May 04 2014


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