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botnet as a virtual Ownerless Automated Business

Because Bots are more trustworthy than humans
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Essentally current botnet in the evilz world of HACKER consist of human botmasters who rent out their botnets for a pricely sum.

Well do we even need humans masters in the loop? What if the botnet can be treated more as a digital lifeform? In which its food is 'bitcoin'? Essentally it is a p2p engine that receives 'job request' (e.g. DDOS a server for 1sec, with a certain percentage of bots in the botnet). Using the botnet algorithm in each infected computers, the automated botnet will then automagically assign part of the network to pummel the target. The bitcoins received will then be hidden within the network.

If parts of the botnet network is not being used, it will be focused on bitcoin generation and hiding/storing the automated botnet's bitcoin, so that they can hire more hackers to infect computers with its software.

For every botnet a botmaster adds a computer to the network, the botnet will pay the botmaster a certain amount of bitcoin. Also everytime the same computer is used, parts of the fee paid by the customer will also go to the botmaster depending on how many computers he infected. (part of the money will also be kept by the network itself to hire more hackers to infect more computers)

So what do we have? We have a virtual corporation whose owner is essentally a smartly coded 'algorithm' that receives money from 'customers' and hires humans blackhat crackers to do the dirty work of growing the botnet network.

Also unlike humans and human corporations, it cannot lie, cheat or steal.

Hence hastening the rise of the robot revolution over the puny humans.

mofosyne, Jul 20 2011


       This is the best worst idea I've ever heard! Parody as prophecy. Thanks a lot!
cowtamer, Dec 30 2011

       What's a "bitcoin" ?   

       Interesting to see how it comes about (possible bun forthcoming) but AI self-employment and business ownership is a SF staple.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2011

       'bitcoins' were (and still are) an all-digital currency used among cypherpunks and Internet uberlibertarians. Doing a specific computation earns bitcoins, thus allowing the botnet to earn and store bitcoins in its spare cycles.
Hive_Mind, Jan 14 2012

       Just to mention: the current bitcoin exchange course is 6.5 USD per Bitcoin.
fho, Jan 14 2012


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