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bottle with a hole in it

A plastic condiment bottle with a hole through it.
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There are all kinds of squeezy condiments out there. It would be nice if the plastic bottles were molded with hole (like a torus) all the way through the bottle close to the bottom.

Then you could hang them from little hooks in the fridge, and if you wanted to get the last bit out, you could put a string through it and twirl it around.

nomocrow, Aug 28 2007

Bottle holder http://www.tradesho...u=C715&sidkey=&sid=
If link goes dead search "bottle holder woven" [kbecker, Sep 01 2007]


       I donno about your planet, but here on Earth we have turn upside down everythings now.- bottles with wide flat lids you simply sit on their heads,
dentworth, Aug 28 2007

       On my planet things are stuck to the walls with magnets and Velcro and there is wasted space in my fridge that could be utilized.
nomocrow, Aug 28 2007

       It would be hard for the factories to fill these containers, especially with a gloppy product like ketchup.
phundug, Aug 28 2007

       I've seen plastic bottles with holes like you describe. Though I think they were for shampoo, not mustard.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       Thanks, [Dr. C], corrected.
nomocrow, Aug 28 2007

       this is an awesome idea, you could have these in a restaurant and have a metal runner going to every table, so when someone orders nuggets you sling barbecue sauce right to them like its on a zipline.
chickenninja, Aug 29 2007

       No need to modify the bottle, new kitchen gadget: bottle sling - A tight sleeve with an attached string fits over the bottle. The string is toward the bottom of the bottle, so it can be hung / swirled around as suggested. Ask your favorite aunt/grandma/... to knit one for your birthday. If no such person is available, the gadget at [link] could be adapted.   

       The device could also be used for party games. - Who can spin the ketchup bottle fast enough to make the lid pop open? - Play David vs. Goliath, a little ketchup in the eye doesn't hurt as much as a rock in the face. -Play paint-ball, the stone age version.
kbecker, Sep 01 2007


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