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"My other bicycle is a broom."
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Almost anything with electroluminescent wire is cool, but here's something straightforward I haven't seen yet.

Wrap loops of electroluminescent wire (around $2/ft) around the main horizontal bar of a bicycle. Attach many smaller segments of wire to the end of the bicycle, tied together with another strand of wire.

Attach small transformer unit and battery to illumination. Switch on. Remember, fly responsibly!

jutta, Dec 02 2000

Glowire http://www.glowire.com
One of several suppliers of electroluminescent wire. [jutta, Dec 02 2000]

(?) Glow-in-the-dark bicycle http://www.napa.ufl...ews/glowingbike.htm
Not the same thing at all, but ... [egnor, Dec 02 2000]

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       Heh! A cute idea...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       How about flying saucers or fireballs or whatever... the possibilities are endless!
badoingdoing, Dec 03 2000

       Ironically, the broomcycle only works well on a "Men's" bicycle.   

       (In practice, all bicycles have the horizontal bar these days, don't they?)
egnor, Dec 03 2000

       All good ones have horizontal top tubes, but they still make lots of rather-less-good ones with the sloping, skirt-friendly kind. I guess you could always stretch wires from the stem straight back even on a girly bike, though, if you were willing to risk being suddenly bisected when stopping sharply.
Monkfish, Dec 07 2000


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