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bug food prank

edible bugs for food
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Carefully crafted fake bugs that look identical to the real thing (or at least identical at first glance). For scaring unwanted guests or just for fun. As the market gets bigger, robot bugs can be created. These can sense when a fork is coming- reducing risk of possible choking/other side effects of being eaten. Robot bugs will move- more realistic. great for april fools and scaring mother-in-laws.
Scrash!, Jul 12 2009


       Yesterday I was going to write a post whereby if you had strabismus you could put a fake wasp on the end of your nose and everybody'd think you were looking at it... but declined.   

       re: post... bugs are edible already, but robot bugs probably not... and (non-edible) fake bugs are baked.
FlyingToaster, Jul 12 2009

       This is great! And they don't even have to be visible. You can, for example, have a virus. Give it a name with numbers and letters in it (don't forget the numbers, it makes it sound important). Then you report every fatal case of it, and plot its global infection rate. It is important *not* to correlate the actual deaths with actual deaths over the same time period of say something like heart-desease, or even suicide. And never publish death rate v infection rate. That's not going to impress anyone.   

       Great for kids, breaks the ice at parties!
4whom, Jul 12 2009

       //What has viruses got to do with hemiptera?//   

       Nothing much, I would presume. However undesirability of viruses may be related to undesirability of hemiptera, in the broader population.
4whom, Jul 12 2009

       No correlation other than irrational, persistant fear. Edible bugs could be replaced by coming into contact with someone with r7n3 virus.   

       Lowers manufacturing costs. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties!
4whom, Jul 12 2009

       what was meant is, bugs that are edible and taste nice, and robotic ones would have a mechanism that allow them to get away so that they arent eaten, really more like two ideas in one. as far as i know, this idea has not been baked.
Scrash!, Aug 06 2009


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