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calorie codes

a code (bar, QR or otherwise) that retains calorie information.
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As I said in the summary, the idea is for a code (bar, QR or otherwise) that retains calorie information. The idea being that a person could scan the code on the sides of ones coffee, can of soup, hamburger receipt, and the information would added to ones daily total. The idea is that it would be a fuss free way of calorie counting.

While there are already hundreds of programs that aid in counting calories, they all require you to look up the dietary information for every item you eat, which is time consuming, and tedious.

bob, Nov 21 2011

http://itunes.apple...et/id347184248?mt=8 The kind of app I mean. [jutta, Nov 21 2011]


       One big fat bun!
white, Nov 21 2011

       Surely there must be programs who already look up the bar code of a packaged item for you in a database of calorie information.
jutta, Nov 21 2011

       Showing results for: "celery". {Search instead for: "KFC".}
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2011

       The latest update to the one I use apparently scans barcodes. Haven't tried it yet.
MechE, Nov 21 2011

       Now I have. It does depend on having an accurate barcode/calorie databse. It mis-identified one item (correct food, wrong package size).   

       Having the actual nutritional information in a machine readable format wouldn't be a horrible idea.
MechE, Nov 21 2011

       It won't work for the many, many situations where you're not buying something and eating the whole package that day...
Voice, Apr 05 2014

       But this would only work, shirley, for snack-foods, burgers and the like? What happens when you have a meal at home?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2014


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