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Celebrity Bed Crumbs

the flavor equals the celebrity name
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dried bread cubes loaded into the bed of a celebrity.

The celebrity gets into bed naked, rolls around atop of the stale bread cubes for a good nights sleep thus reducing the dried bread cubes to crumbs.

Crumbs are gathered in the morning, packaged and sold as Celebrity Bed Crumbs the flavor equals the celebrity name

vfrackis, Jun 22 2009


       You never did read the "Princess and the Pea" did you?
4whom, Jun 22 2009

       hee hee - Russell Brand kept me awake all night...
po, Jun 22 2009

       includes skin cells, sweat, and who knows what else!
xandram, Jun 22 2009

       I'm pretty sure someone was once caught collecting Kate Bush's bathwater as it flowed out of her drainpipe.
hippo, Jun 22 2009

       Very Biblical.
gnomethang, Jun 22 2009

       I like the idea of feeding the pigeons with Bono's bed crumbs... in fact I'd like go further, grind Him up (except his stupid sun-glasses) and feed the whole lot to the sea-lions at my local zoo. big croissant +
xenzag, Jun 22 2009

       Chrissy quote from Three's Company;   

       "You don't make bread crumbs silly, you just get them from your bed."   

       Only in my head. : ]   

       I don't think celebrities would agree to go through such discomfort during sleep to get such a low profit. How much could you sell these for?   

       Also, you could actually do this without the celebrity and nobody would ever know, because they have never actually tasted the celebrity's real flavor and therefore would not trust the veracity of the crumbs.   

       No bread for you!
Pericles, Jun 25 2009

       I read an interview with a woman who had a piece of toast that George Harrison had taken a bite out of.
Yappa, Aug 08 2009

       I have a piece of toast, out of which the Pope has never taken a bite.
xenzag, Aug 08 2009


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