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car toaster

a toaster in the car
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This is for the person who's in a hurry to work!. When your sitting in traffic for an hour or two why not make more productive use of your time!. If you had a toaster installed in your car you could spend an extra couple of minutes in bed and then have your breckie in the car!. No need to be starvin all morning waiting till lunch time. I dont think it would be that hard to do either.
conmanxx, Jun 10 2006

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[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 10 2006]



       Checks mirror, then proceeds to spread butter upon mobile phone and eat.[+] For //sitting in traffic for an hour or two// I prefer two wheels and feet.
skinflaps, Jun 10 2006

       It needs to be powered by the heat from the car's motor. And it should have RFID and custard dispensers.
dbmag9, Jun 10 2006

       i could have sworn i'd seen one of these in a shop somewhere. unfortunately i no longer can find it.   

       wouldn't the butter melt during a hot day in a parking lot?
tcarson, Jun 10 2006

       I wouldn't want one built in, but I might want one that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
BJS, Jun 10 2006

       Wouldn't mind a car toaster on my bike :-).
spidermother, Jun 11 2006


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