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carpet slippers

Make slippers out of carpets
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Carpets are wasteful of money. You buy a carpet and you are are only using an area that's about 11 inches by 2 inches at any one time. Why not make slippers out of a carpet-like material and wear those instead of having to buy hundreds of square feet of carpet that will only gather dust, carpet mites and things associated with pets and kids. It will be much more cost effective. Added bonuses will include reduced rug burns on your knees, no more lost budgies during the carpet laying ("Sorry Lady, I thought it was me fags") and it will be one less thing to clash with the decor. I was going to expand this to also have a substitute for parket flooring, but the Dutch have already beaten me to it with thier wooden clogs.
paddler, Apr 24 2002

Top Tips http://members.lyco...rd_si/index-50.html
see second one down. [stupop, Apr 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       This exact idea was famously stolen from Viz 'top tips' by McDonalds for a recent advertising campaign [see link]. Not an original idea.
stupop, Apr 24 2002

       Ahhh so it came from viz? I saw the macdonalds advert- i thought for once they might have had an alright advert, but maybe they stole it, or borrowed it. But its not really a new idea im afraid i agree, But it was maybe a new idea in your head. I wouldn't do it because the acoustics of the room start to make noises take longer to dissapate (echo) and although its good for guitar - tv and talking are not so good. I think slippers should be a part of life- people feel more relaxed when their feet are comfy and i hope one day to provide slippers/fat socks freely to visitors to my flat (they can keep them or throw them away) and they can put their shoes in a little rack and socks in a little bag if they are smelly.
isla, Apr 24 2002

       or you could just get slippers made out of more comfortable material and cut out the middle man once and for all.   

       Who would wear slippers made of carpet? Unless it was shag carpet, most carpet is tough and itchy. [-]
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 09 2007


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