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chalkboard printer

Because it would be cool.
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First off, understand that I know overhead projectors exist-- I even know of digital projectors and things such as "smart boards" --this idea is not about just being able to automate the process of displaying information for my classes. This idea is about having this cool thing that I want because I think it would be cool.

I have seen some high-end printers (called "pen plotters" I think) that have a set of two cables and use a pen to draw an image on to the paper. I want one that holds a piece of chalk and draws on the board.

Imagine the diagrams! The fonts! The anachronistic perfection of a digital age in an old-school (literally "old-school") medium!

It would make me so happy.

futurebird, Apr 06 2004


       a chalkboard with tracks on the left and right frame, a thin horizontal machine with diff. colors chalk drops down from the top frame riding on the tracks...
mailtosalonga, Apr 06 2004

       Do a search for "pen plotter" I already have a chalk board pantograph... it's not the same thing at all.
futurebird, Apr 07 2004

       I don't see where [futurebird] avers that the idea is not a plotter. On the contrary, it seems that it is a plotter, a big one, that uses chalk instead of plotter pens.   

       The lux version maybe could switch between different colors of chalk.
bristolz, Apr 07 2004

       This is nothing like a pantograph, jurist.
waugsqueke, Apr 07 2004

       // I don't see how text can be composed of only horizontal lines though //   

       x-y axes would not be limited to horizontal lines if both axes move simultaneously. Current plotters can draw curves easily.
waugsqueke, Apr 07 2004

       this should be bakeable, there are various x,y controlled cutting machines, plotters etc.   

       2 smoothly controlled motors, a chalk lifting device a few bits of string and hours writing the software to convert it to on board reality.
engineer1, Apr 08 2004

       Very good.   


       //Simple to make, the only problem would be the length of the chalk// No, just make the chalk spring-loaded, and have the head move sufficiently to bring the chalk to the board and compress the spring, for a variable chalk length.   

       Also, slight aside. We build a robot (3-axis beasty) to do labwork. It could do everything (and still does) - it changes tools and is pretty slick.   

       But we wanted it to be able to label things, too. So, we spent ages trying to give it an inkjet tool. Basically, the idea was that it picks up the inkjet tool, and swipes across the surface to be printed, while activating the inkjet in synch with the movement.   

       Problem was that the motion control package was not designed to sync in this way, and we spent ages trying to match the inkjet to the acceleration and movement of the arm.   

       In the end, we just gave the robot a holder for a regular fibre-tip marker pen, and it was happy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2009

       [+] Using a spring loaded chalk holder is good, but you'd also want a force sensor attached to the spring, so that, while drawing, we can be sure that the pressure between chalk and board remains close to optimum.
goldbb, Nov 19 2009

       //a force sensor attached to the spring//   

       OK, so replace the spring with a penumatic pusher which will push the chalk against the board with a constant force, regardless of the length of the chalk.   

       Also, please remember to introduce a device which can, at random intervals, cause the chalk to sqeak in that nerve- fraying way.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2009


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