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christoween lights

Dual-Mode Holiday Lights
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More and more Americans are decorating heavily for Halloween, and there's a long-standing tradition of decorating for Christmas. It would be nice if some of the decorations could be used for both.

There are Christmas lights, designed for outdoor use, hung along roofs and laced around railings and porch supports. These are usually white (traditional), or a wide assortment of colors (modern festive).

There are also lights available for Halloween, often only orange, or orange and green.

It would be great to have a set where a switch changed which color jumbo LEDs are lit in each bulb (or which mode of mult-color LED was used), so that the same strand can be used for Christmas, or for Halloween. No re-hanging required, the lights can be hung during warmer weather, and it would significantly differentiate a product in an otherwise saturated space!

snowfox, Oct 29 2010

houseblinging http://www.urbandic...?term=houseblinging
Anathema [8th of 7, Oct 30 2010]


       Christmas decorations should be put up on Christmas eve and not a day before. Preferably after sunset.
pocmloc, Oct 29 2010

       Just make it a billboard. Close to your front door. Red LEDs, blue LEDs, green LEDs, traditional IEDs...
lurch, Oct 29 2010

       [-] for encouraging light pollution, bad taste, and "houseblinging" (q.v.) <link>
8th of 7, Oct 30 2010

       Ooh I like it. Rear parabolic reflectors could turn to become backlit jack-o-lanterns and ghosties.   


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