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A Very Festive Light

Also available on ceiling fans.
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The room is decorated with holiday cheer from the wreaths on the walls to the gifts on the floor. But that light? It is really quite plain and bare. Why not have Santa fly around it?

The light hangs from the ceiling and has a clear glass circular disc surrounding it. On the edge of the disc is something like a train track, so that a horizontally oriented trolley could run along it. And it will. The little train (pretty small, so it is hard to see) has hooks on it that allow festive ornaments to be hung from them. Removable, have two or twenty! Whenever the light turns on (if desired) the train will glide along the edge, making the decorations fly in circles. Light has deluxe switch to adjust brightness and speed of train.

Ornaments sold separately. Choices include Santa's Sleigh, with fours sets of double reindeer that connect to pull a sleigh; turkeys, hearts, clovers, Seasonal Elements Value Pack (Spring Flowers, Assorted Fall-Colored Leaves, Snowflakes, and Sunny Skies), Summer Extension Package, with seagulls and kites galore; Bats, Halloween Deluxe Set (Full/Crescent moon, witches, bats, ghosts); Transportation for Little Jimmy's room, Airal Transportation, Birds, Dancers for Little Mary's Ballet studio, Roller Coaster, UFO, Cats for the Crazy Cat Lady in your life, Teapots, Trains, Tropical Flowers, Roses, The Deluxe Garden, Zoo Animals, or buy seperatly to create a set that is truly unique (Grandma has Violets and Teapots, Little Mary has Dancers and Zoo Animals).

BouncyPaw, Nov 22 2009

(+) Not redundant, just similar. : ) Fan-dangos
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2009]




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