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Baroque keyboard

Make all the keys feel special
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Have you noticed how (on some keyboards anyway) the return/enter/newline key is the only L-shaped key? Or that 'Caps lock' has a small recessed panel for no reason? Also, more practically, the space button is very wide of course, and often the F,J and keypad 5 have a nipple at the bottom to aid touch-typists.

I'd like a keyboard where all the keys were different in interesting ways.
Of course shape can be the first component - 'I' should be very narrow, M wide, V could be pointed and so on.
But there are so many other possibilities. 'O' should have a rounded surface as well as being circular. Some of the keys should have interesting textured surfaces, and a few could have a surface of a different material, such as a rubbery plastic or metal inlay.

Of course they could be different colours as well, but if so this would have to be tastefully done - perhaps a few important keys picked out in bright colours to give a Mondrian effect.

This could make typing (and learning to type) fun, and might also be useful for the partially sighted.

Loris, Jul 05 2005

Would work as a keyboard, methinks http://tukey.upf.es.../escher_lizards.gif
[DrCurry, Jul 05 2005]

Das Keyboard http://www.thinkgee...mputing/input/7727/
[Detly, Jul 06 2005]

Strictly baroque http://www.bathyform.com/HB/baroque.html
...in a crazy neon way, I guess. The electrofluorescent keyboard looks more like a sign for an American diner. [moomintroll, Jul 07 2005]


       I would go for an Escher-tiled keyboard. Maybe complete with lizards crawling across the top.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2005

       So, kinda randomly done, some letters have relief lettering, some have metal inlay lettering, some are shaped differently, some are colored, some have LCD outlines, some are fuzzy, some are normal, some taste like strawberries when you lick them? [+]
daseva, Jul 05 2005

       + I put scotch tape on the "J" key one time so I didn't accidentally do something like: oyt nt gabd ub tge wribg okace and type for a while without noticing it.
I like the idea.
Zimmy, Jul 05 2005

       It is so tempting to have a crack at this in Photoshop, but I balk at the amount of work.   

       Cool idea, though. [+]
moomintroll, Jul 05 2005

       Photoshop? I think it'd be easier to build the thing out of clay or something and photograph it.
bristolz, Jul 05 2005

       Nice, but I don't think it would catch on.
CloakedBeauty, Jul 05 2005

       Those disjoint keys like ":" would make typing difficult. Better hit both keys together, or you'll just get the top dot or the bottom dot :)
phundug, Jul 05 2005

       Pick it up and take a good swing at the edge of your desk--then you'll have a baroque keyboard.
baconbrain, Jul 06 2005

       [Detly] Wow! nice link.
Zimmy, Jul 06 2005

       ...and to further annoy people who use your computer, set the layout to Dvorak.
Detly, Jul 06 2005

       If it's not baroque...
... don't fix it!
Jinbish, Jul 06 2005

       Very nice +
DesertFox, Jul 06 2005

       Just reverse the black and white on your normal keyboard.
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 07 2005

       I'm voting for this, only because you made me laugh XD
thesmog, Jul 07 2005


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