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Blogging PDA

Device that automatically posts media to a blog
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I'm not much of a salesperson, so here is the gist:

A PDA-like device with wireless connection to the internet. With this device, you can do the following: 1) Write blog entries with it and the data is automatically uploaded to your blog 2) Take pictures/video with it - the pictures are automatically uploaded to your blog (maybe some limited editing capabilities) "Hey, look at the police beating up that guy!" 3) Record mp3's - the files are automatically uploaded to your blog. "Hey, that's Joe Sakic at the DMV! I'll go talk to him"

I know lots of PDA's allow you to write notes, take pictures, and record sounds - Further, that some PDA's have internet capabilities through clunky browsers - but it would be nice to have a easy-to-consume interface on a blog that this proposed device consumes to automatically post up the pictures/mp3's/blog entries created by the user. The key here is that the knowledge of how to consume this interface comes BUILT-IN on the Blogging PDA.

joetcochran, Sep 21 2005

SplashBlog http://software.tre.../product.asp?id=535
Photo Blogging Sotware for Palm PDAs. [Amos Kito, Sep 22 2005]


       Being somewhat of a blogger, and somewhat lazy when it comes to digging up my pen and paper when inspiration strikes, I like this idea very much.   

       (Oh, the temptation to spam now and provide my URL! No, I won't do it, I won't. [The adress is in my profile])
Trickytracks, Sep 21 2005

       You really wouldn't need any Internet connection. It's not like blogging is time-critical stuff. Just have it upload content to the Internet when syncing.
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       True, so just add wireless service to the professional model.
Worldgineer, Sep 22 2005

       Most blog lets you post via e-mail And most PDA can send e-mail via wireless internet already You can send photos and MP3s in your e-mail too and they'll be uploaded to your blog. e.g. blogspot
neuromancer, Sep 23 2005

       My first reaction was similar, to reject this as just another repackaging of a whole bunch of existing technology, but I think if someone did this right - rethinking the PDA/cell phone from the ground up as a multimedia authoring device - that really *would* make a huge difference. I hope someone actually builds this.
jutta, Sep 26 2005

       Could be done completely "server side" with voice recognition and a camera phone.   

       A standalone service provided by the phone co. or a dial-in service.   

       "Hello, new blog entry, record sound" [hold phone in the air to record sounds] "new blog text, when I went to the coffee shop I saw kitty and bamoozle, end text" send image [press image key on phone] "blog entry complete, good bye."
subflower, Oct 14 2005

       Isn't this called a moblog?
computerjoe, Jun 24 2006


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