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A website that allows denizens of small towns to be "wired" and promote local events at the same time.
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For years, small towns and neighborhoods have used community bulletin boards—located at a high-traffic area such as the local school or theater—to promote local events, advertise their services, and simply give notices of all kinds. Now, though, the advent of the internet has caused people to stay inside more and depend on online media for information.

Communitybulletinboard.com would be a website that would serve to replace the board. Once you logged onto the site, you would use a scroll-down menu to find your town, neighborhood, or region. Upon selecting your location, you would see a cute simulated "bulletin board" complete with a raggedy paper fringe and textured brown surface, covered in notices from other residents of your town. You could either simply look at the board or add a notice of your own.

Adding a notice would be free, to avoid discouraging usage (the site would gain revenue from corporations placing their ads on the side). You could choose the color, size (within reason) and shape of your notice, and choose a format (some examples would be "service ad", "event announcement", and "personal message") as well. Then you would type up the vital information and press enter, and your notice would appear as a slip of paper on the screen. You would then pin it down on the board for others to see.

If you were advertising a service, your notice would have small cuts in the bottom, forming flaps containing your contact information. Anyone interested in hiring you would click on a flap and have your contact info entered into their computer's address book.

DrWorm, Apr 05 2010


       facebook does most of this now. businesses, towns, churches, all on facebook.
dentworth, Apr 06 2010

       It's purty. I like it. +
Mustardface, Apr 06 2010

       The best part of the community bulletin boards is that one can use magic marker to write comments and addenda on the postings of others (for example, "dead sheep in trunk" with an arrow indicating a car for sale). Flies can be drawn on the window of a house for sale, with a caption stating "GET OUT". People who post items depicting themselves can be blessed with an abundance of facial hair in various styles, also depicted in magic marker. This is the meaning of "community". I get a little misty writing about it.   

       This facet must be retained.
bungston, Apr 06 2010

       Sure! But the graffiti would have to be a togglable view, just in case it actually obscures something meaningful.
DrWorm, Apr 06 2010

       Sure! But the graffiti would have to be a togglable view, just in case it actually obscures something meaningful.
DrWorm, Apr 06 2010

       Baked by Craigslist
afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 06 2010

       Hey that's great [bungston] I always deface public notices.
rcarty, Apr 06 2010


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