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China vs US tariffs numerology

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The Chinese, having started it off with 128 items ("easy prosperity with certainty")

It's a tricky one for the orange-faced one, he can reach into their culture for a 4,444 items list, or stick to western stuff with a 1,313 list.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2018


       Being as the U.S. of A. is allegedly a "Christian" (Protestant) country, would not Thirty-Nine Articles be appropriate ?   

       After all, since God is undoubtedly English, following established C. of E. doctrine seems the safest option by far.
8th of 7, Apr 04 2018

       The Guardian "...that itself was 11 hours after the White House announced a list of 1,333 Chinese imports..."   

       So I wasn't so far off with with guess at 1,313.   

       Next list should have lot's of 4's (pronounced "shi") it sounds similar to "death" in East Asia ie karoshi etc.   

       For only 5 quid, I'll give you my Grand National tips...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 06 2018

       What, like "Don't waste your money betting on the gee-gees ?"   

       Oddly, no-one has ever seen a bookie on a bicycle. They always seem to have very nice cars ...
8th of 7, Apr 06 2018

       //Oddly, no-one has ever seen a bookie on a bicycle.   

       Hmm, you're right, they should be riding horses.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 06 2018


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