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cryptographic electronic diary

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There is all these cryptographic programs... but I can never wrap my head around it. Especially with managing the paranoia of doing the wrong thing that would allow a virus or trojan to steal your private keys.

A suitable compromise is to dedicate a small computer for the purpose, which is good for a power user. However the main issue is that this method is still very bulky.

What I would like, is a card sized computer, that can accept an OpenGPG smart card, an OLED screen, a usb host port, a usb client port and an optional keyboard.

Since most of my communication is textual, I would like to perform as much of my communication within the device. If I find the small onboard keyboard too small, I would be able to connect the usb keyboard to the device (hopefully no keylogger).

This device can be connected to a computer via USB as a CDC device, or a flash drive. As a flash drive, it holds files to be decrypted or encrypted as a staging area, which is good for internet cafe (where you dont have admin privileges). As a CDC device mode, you can interface it with IRC, instant messagers, or email etc...

Perhaps it could support BLE, to access the net in your smartphone, to download the latest email that are encrypted (and send any encrypted emails in sent folder).

The biggest benefit to this kind of system, is that if it is cardsized. I can keep it with me at all times. Also since it is dedicated for only one purpose, it is much more robust against technological attacks.


Oh, and it really really should be open sourced, I would need to know if the pcb or firmware has been tampered etc...

mofosyne, Oct 23 2014

(?) Casio_digital_diary en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casio_digital_diary
Classic electronic diary design [mofosyne, Oct 23 2014]


       //I would like to perform as much of my communication within the device.   



       The CDC are doing some of the prototyping for you, with clipboard guy, presumably they'll upgrade to electronic diary guy in due course, given enough survivors.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 23 2014


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