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Critter proof Garbage Can

A combination lock garbage can.
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Racoons are so damn clever, always eating my garbage, put hooks on the can, they open it, straps they open it, weight, they push it over and always eat my garbage, and they never clean it up! So heres my idea, make a garbage can with a simple combination lock built into the lid, and have the number printed on the lid so any human, or garbageman, can easily open it, but a Racoon other critter can't, because Racoons may be clever but I'll be damned if they can read!
Hirudinea, Jul 15 2009

We are talking about 'bagged sloths', right?! http://www.zefrank....2007/01/011607.html
[daseva, Jul 15 2009]


       true enough, sanitation workers like fast and efficient pick-up so they are going to hate this.
dentworth, Jul 15 2009

       I tried that. All you do is develop critters with a taste for cajun cooking, no lie.
normzone, Jul 15 2009

       How about a magnetic lock ? The owner opens the lid by putting a magnet against a marked area on the outside - this releases an internal catch. The truck's lifitng mechanism has an electromagnet that locates in the same place. No extra work for the loaders.
8th of 7, Jul 15 2009

       How about no lid at all?
xenzag, Jul 15 2009

       Damn it 8th of 7, your idea is even better!
Hirudinea, Jul 15 2009

       infrared position/ranging sensor on the lid; when approached by a medium-sized heat-source (raccoon, cat, dog, child) the garbage-can picks itself up and moves several feet away. It does this until the animal wanders away at which time it returns to its original position.   

       Or a camera flash attachment; probably cheaper than finding legs for a garbage can.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       You're telling me you think cats would walk away? You're going to be woken up every night by your cat stalking you wheelie bin...
Germanicus, Jul 15 2009

       You know, there's alot of robotic arms in the trash world, already. Can't the trashcan just pick the critter up and throw him far away? Pressure sensors in the can, hand attached at the top of the can, etc etc. This way we can follow [xenzag]'s aromatic proposal.
daseva, Jul 15 2009

       hmmm.... if you build a skunk-den under the garbage container area you have a nocturnal security guard who won't be awake and active during the day when you or the trash-guys may want to move the cans.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       I disagree with the slow collection argument. If the bin was of a standardised design then a mechanism on the truck could be designed to open the combination lock as it was being lifted.   

       I think a magnetic lock would be better though. Placing one magnet on the garbage truck would be much simpler than a combo lock opener and optical reader. It would also be easier to place a magnet on the bin before opening than fiddling with a combo lock, which as a result would inevitably be left on the combination that opened it.   

       Bun. I'd give a bun to [8th of 7] if I could, but I'll just say it's brilliant.
Bad Jim, Jul 15 2009

       How about a simple mechanical, weighted latch ? When the bin is upright, the latch stops the lid being opened. Turn it upside-down, and the latch swings open - requiring no modification for the rubbish lorry (=garbage truck).   

       It's mounted on the lid of the bin, attached to the lever-handle, so that a critter with their feet on the ground can open it with one hand - the other hand having the rubbish (trash) in.   

       It also helps if the lid completely covers the rim of the bin - otherwise the critters can get a toe-hold on the edge, while they force the lid up.   

       I would always forget to take the magnet to the bin with me, and end up dropping inside, probably...
VaquitaTim, Jul 16 2009

       Or, a fat lazy cat and a warmed bin lid. He'll only move when the bin lorry arrives. But he might need an agile friend who comes running if the critters deside to fight for it...   

       Could be noisy at 2 a.m.
VaquitaTim, Jul 16 2009

       The unlock magnet can be on a string, quarter of the way 'round from the contact area.
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2009


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