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make fertiliser to re use peat based compost
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in view of the fact that ecologists are telling us not to use peat based compost why does someone not market a suitable adative in the form of a fertilizer then one could re use it each year thus saviing the peat bogs
grumpy, Mar 23 2001

How endangered are UK peat bogs? http://www.sciencen...t/9810/e00076d.html
Quite a lot, apparently. According to this article, peat isn't all that nutritious, either; people just use it because advertising tells them to. There are already many better replacements. [jutta, Mar 23 2001]


       What is it about peat bogs that makes them peat bogs?
centauri, Mar 23 2001

       Peat moss isn't really much good as fertilizer, what it's for is to hold water in the soil with the mix. It soaks up water really well.   

       Peat bogs are self-perpetuating, but on the order of decades, if not centuries. If you take 20 gallons a day out of a tank that only gets 10 gallons a day back, it's eventually going to run out.
StarChaser, Mar 24 2001

       Coir - the brown hairy stuff from the outside of coconuts can be bought now as peat substitute. Not only do you save the peat bogs you also support third world farmers.
Gordon Comstock, Mar 26 2001

       I've got a basket made of coir with a wire frame for plants...Is a neat idea, can get the vines and stuff to grow out of the side...
StarChaser, Mar 27 2001

Evenessence, May 19 2004


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