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computer fan air filter

just slap a HEPA filter on that
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Cleaning out my computer a few weeks ago, I found the entire interior was full of cat hair and dust... and I thought: "This is not only a computer - it's an air filter".

Shazamm. There's the idea. Rev up that computer with a more powerful fan, add a HEPA filter, and you've got a computer that doubles as an air filter, sucking all those allergens out of the air.

I was struggling whether to send this to halfbakery, or to run out and get a patent. The bakery won ... this time.

gonzola, May 20 2004


       It's a good day when you get to use "Shazamm" in context.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 20 2004

       Sounds good until your computer becomes a molten pile of silicon because there was no air flowing through it. Cheaper to just buy a dedicated air filter.
phoenix, May 20 2004

       I'm sold. As long as filtration precedes the air going into the case, anyway.
lurch, May 20 2004

       yeah, we kinda wanna keep the dust outside of the PC, perhaps the HEPA filter could go on the IN rather than the OUT airflow.
neilp, May 20 2004

       We've been doing this for years. Run to Home Depot or Builder's Square or somewhere and get a "floor vent filter" and cut it to suit. Its already approximately 80mm across, so just place it under a fan grille.
Letsbuildafort, May 20 2004

       Nice idea. Noise and heat are definitely concerns here, though.   

       As an expansion to this idea, you could put a drop of scented oil on the filter and create a nice air freshener.
Enjoyer, May 21 2004

       You can buy cases (eg, nice thermaltake cases) with filters on the intakes. Most server/rack mount cases have air filters.   

       IIRC the original ATX spec put the power supply on the intake, and specified a filter; however, manufacturers didn't like that arrangement (too different to conventional AT cases).
benjamin, May 21 2004

       [grayure] - I assume by 'PC' you mean personal computer, rather than x86-based computer.   

       The key features of fans are that they are simple and cheap - two things which almost always factor into a design decision.
benjamin, May 21 2004

       ...and for the case moders of the world you could include a duct that flows the air past the cpu chiller unit, turning the whole thing into an mini air conditioner.
eyeguy, May 22 2004

       Re-route that air to flow out of a small round opening in the top of the hard drive case and you can have a Microsoft emblazoned ping pong ball hover endlessly above it. Until it crashes.   

       I have to agree with the original annotation - use of "Shazzam," while not mandatory, does have it's place - and this is it.
thumbwax, Jul 09 2004

       Not to nitpick, but it's actually spelled SHAZAM. SHAZAM is an acronym of those deities who grant me a portion of their powers. The deities are: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury.   

       Gomer Pyle and I outta know.
Billy Batson, Jul 22 2004

       So...to nitpick?
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 22 2004

       I bought a crap air Ionizer that used an old fan from a 1980's PC to push air. It sucked. If you slap a HEPA on even a newer fan your gonna fry your CPU from the HEAT. HEPA filters slow the air down immensely. Creating less flow inside the box. Hence heat buildup. It's something to think about though.
STUpidIDIOT, Jul 22 2004

       Actually I bought a PC case (Tsunami Dream) reworked with a HEPA air filter from PC Filtered Air and it works great. I monitor the interior temperature and it stays at or below 40C. Third week now and not a speck of dust - nada. I'll never go back to an unfiltered case. Sealing air leaks would be a bother though if you change hardware alot or constantly plug and unplug things at the rear. Mine is dedicated to music composition using SONAR 5 and orchestra samples. I'm happy.
shalamabobbi, Sep 28 2006


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